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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

One thing

Dear WordPress

I have one wish and that is for men to stop blaming, punishing and torturing women. Through their secret thoughts (that we women secretly feel) but through their physical actions. To educate men’s ignorance on why women go crazy, act out, retreat inside, malfunction or look and feel broken. To stop shrugging their shoulders as a victim or innocent bystander. To stop men from taking their frustrations out on the world through acts of terrorism and “purification”. It’s time for EVERYONE to  “UNDERSTAND WOMEN”. 

To make this become reality GO and BUY or 1st re-revised book or donate on our website  Help support a good cause with meaningful and innocent intentions. To further research and to take what we do know to research laboratories for physical proof.

To show how the emotional world of women effect the physical world we know to today. And How longterm emotional disease’s become physical disease’s.

This book is just the beginning. 


Women’s fears, bad for business and families. 

We are starting to learn that women’s fear kept locked up inside her are more powerful and dangerous than we think. Women need to vent to THEIR MAN. Men who are understanding and receiving. Who will let her place those fears on him at any time. Who understands that her fears are irrational in general, yet very real to her. That he receives them whenever she thinks or feels them and understands that she is just getting them out, so they don’t have power anymore. That he receives them and throws them out like garbage by ignoring them and deleting them in his mind. 
The more she vents the less there will be, if you change her environment. Keep her away from triggers or reminders. The goal is NO FEAR for women. 
Short story: Lakers basketball team president. A woman. And her father JUST died. 
Lakers worst year since 1956. Including her partner who was responsible for Michael Jordens success. 
Injured players, etc. 
What’s responsible is this woman’s fear and burden. 
This is just another example of some things that women just can’t handle. Has nothing to do with equality. Has everything to do with the female mind and heart. And what they were made for. Some things were meant for women and some things were meant for masculine men.
But masculine men need to take the reigns because if they don’t then women will, because that’s how we function. If he won’t, I will. Men need to put emotion aside and get things done. Women can’t put emotion aside. They can suppress, yes. But that, THAT creates hurricanes of darkness. And attracts DARKNESS and I cannot express the horrible things that happen. 
Some things women shouldn’t know about, BECAUSE we care. We are only supposed to care for our home environment. Leave everything out, except what matters most. The home and family. 
Override us with your understanding, goals and confidence. 

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Why wouldn’t a man give the “world” to a woman who is submissive? Mr. Darling

So, my husband and I were talking about what a man needs to be Alpha. And there are different theories on the order. Like CH’s awesome 16 commandments of poon. I believe in simplicity. I believe in duplicatable information. Too much info is confusing and diffusing.

In my humble and simplest opinion: the 1 focus for a man to be Alpha is: HIS MISSION.

For a woman: THAT IS WHERE SUBMISSION comes from.

Dictionary meaning for SUB:

SUB– attached to elements of any origin and used with the meaning “under,” “below,”“beneath”

MEN-If a man doesn’t have a mission what can a woman submit to?

WOMEN- How can the man find his mission if women don’t submit?

Women want everything. And everything costs money!!!!

How can I have a lot of children if I don’t have help to do so? I would rather focus solely on the children. Have someone else cook, clean, etc. I want to train the minds of the future generation. THAT TAKES MONEY!!!! I want to encourage their desired talents, curiosities, explorations. THAT TAKES MONEY!!! Safety and security takes money. Proper foods for longevity of life…. guess what? That takes money!

What do YOU want? It takes money….

My husband is going for financial freedom. That means I don’t have to.

Women, submit! So you and your man can have EVERYTHING YOU WANT! AND ACHIEVE HIGH STATUS AT THE SAME TIME.