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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

One thing

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I have one wish and that is for men to stop blaming, punishing and torturing women. Through their secret thoughts (that we women secretly feel) but through their physical actions. To educate men’s ignorance on why women go crazy, act out, retreat inside, malfunction or look and feel broken. To stop shrugging their shoulders as a victim or innocent bystander. To stop men from taking their frustrations out on the world through acts of terrorism and “purification”. It’s time for EVERYONE to  “UNDERSTAND WOMEN”. 

To make this become reality GO and BUY or 1st re-revised book or donate on our website  Help support a good cause with meaningful and innocent intentions. To further research and to take what we do know to research laboratories for physical proof.

To show how the emotional world of women effect the physical world we know to today. And How longterm emotional disease’s become physical disease’s.

This book is just the beginning. 


Too many masters = too many responsibilities (corrected)

(This is all based on men being masculine and women being feminine)
Men are task focused

Women are people focused
Men can do a task whether or not they like the person who tells them to do it. For a long time. 
Women doing tasks is completely dependent on her liking the person who gives it.  

Women only perform from the person they are in love and obsessed with. 

Men need to know
Women can only function in the now. 

They can only achieve short-term goals and rewards by themselves. 
She can barely manage maximum 3 tasks at a time.
Optimally she can go above and beyond with 1 correctly prioritized task.
Women prioritize emotionally. 
Men prioritize logically if he is masculine.
Women can ONLY reach far away goals and rewards WITH a man helping her to focus past rejection, problems etc. 
When a woman is burdened, her biggest incentive is fight or flight – but most often flight because of her fears and insecurities. She will always flee to where she is understood. (Feminine)

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What is really happening to Miley Cyrus

A comment i made on a lovely post by Lindsay leigh ….

It’s so nice that your striving to be understanding of Miley Cyrus. Thank you! I feel sorry for her because she is obviously not happy and suffering in order to act like that. Otherwise she wouldn’t, why would she? I’m going to do some more research on her to see if her parents are divorced. She was also once engaged or wanted by an alpha male. Often times women in these environments have sex because parents are unable to maintain control. My hypothesis is that the girls who act like this have been sexually rejected. Because they have so much money and power that they unconsciously lose their need for the man. What is he gonna do that she can’t do? They end up not being wanted and why????? I’m beautiful, i’m rich i have so many talents!!!!!! Why will a guy not commit to me??????? She can’t submit herself to someone who is below her. She needs a guy that can lead her; that she can follow. A man that can do things better for her than she can do for herself. A woman wants to be desired by someone desirable. And all the men in her area are desirable AND ALPHA but, why is she not being desired. Thank you for your post!!!! (in addition) I believe that her lack of being desired is her lack of submissive and feminine behavior! She acts like this on her video because she wants to be desired. Men with morals love sexual creatures but only behind closed doors. This is her desperate attempt to get back what she lost (her fiance) or to overcompensate her sexual rejection and to prove that she is desirable. The fact all of her behavior does the exact opposite!

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