House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

What does my sexual brain require?!

Well, monogamy just creates non-sexual women because emotional needs can NEVER be 100% met when needed. A woman alone is forced to do the thinking of 3 women. The more she thinks the less pleasure she feels and the less sexual she is. And or at it’s worst sexuality and all that it encompasses doesn’t exist. Often times it feels wrong to be sexual.

The next step taken, turning to substances is the “only way possible.” Those eventually stop working too. All attempts for her sexuality cease to work. Replaced by all negative emotions. Insanity.

So, what I need. In monogamy.

Husband to be more at work
A long lasting penis
Technology and hired help to replace the other women.
Paid Pampering
Fun and healthy Indulgences

I don’t even get some of this in monogamy at the moment, because of needing to fix my body and installing routines. And my emotional capacity.

My husband has had to live another role than his own, temporarily. And he’s been here more than we both want. Which in turn has made him a part of the usual scenery and therefore caused my emotional disinterest in sex. And when we do have sex it feels wrong because I’m making love to an IT. Not a man and not a woman. Making love, confused. Physically, I still need sex and it relieves. But, I’m starting to feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode because the loss of my sexuality. Which is completely circumstantial. BUT, my emotional brain DOESN’T UNDERSTAND. My emotional brain says this is how I will feel FOREVER.

I’m faced with worry and anxiety because of that fear. Will I EVER be sexual again.

I’m scared,

That I will only be able to be sexual when we do marry the other two; legally, lawfully and rightfully. Giving all of us equal security and equal stance with each other.

I’m really scared.

That until then, ill be driven by need and not desire.


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Daily sex, day # 134-136

Sometimes it becomes a blur the days we have sex. Just because it takes me time sometimes to update. Plus having woken up in the night the past three days while also training the youngest to sleep through the whole night. WE ARE SO CLOSE. I’m striving to do whatever I can to make it so that my libido is high hence training the last
child. Sleeping through the whole night and early bedtime makes a huge difference. I believe the next few sessions of the deep spot will produce vaginal orgasms. I have made vast improvements from the other healing sessions.

Also, my husband has decided to switch things up a bit by starting to be more manly, leader oriented and decisive. And yes I’m more turned on when he’s a respectable leader. Who guides. However, during his learning he is getting those mixed up with controlling, demanding and forceful. That is not manly nor is it leadership. You can not force a flower bud open and expect it to stay uninjured and beautiful. Flowers require certain things in order to expose their delicate beauty. Such is a woman. She requires certain things to expose her precious parts and allow someone to share her energy and penetrate her core/soul; the center of her raw emotion. I WILL NOT be treated as an object, I WILL NOT allow my emotions to go un respected. Respect my wants and boundaries!!! Pleasure is requested, not demanded or forced. Forcing that flower open breaks its petals and injures. I need time and need small incremental changes. Such is a woman, you want her loyalty and pleasure……. Fulfill her basic human , emotional needs and create longterm security. My husband is learning and he is going to make mistakes. But, I am just as important as he is and so are my emotional requirements. I am not a do this do that girl. I am a, “can you do this and can you do that?” Girl. Or I would love if you could/ would? Or I appreciate when you do this or it totally turns me on when…. this is how I like to be spoken to!!!!! If you want a do this do that object then GET A DOG!!!! Again my husband is learning. And he will make mistakes. but, I need to write to vent against untruth and error of un fulfilling bedroom etiquette. I want to please. I want to pleasure. But, only when treated right.