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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

One thing

Dear WordPress

I have one wish and that is for men to stop blaming, punishing and torturing women. Through their secret thoughts (that we women secretly feel) but through their physical actions. To educate men’s ignorance on why women go crazy, act out, retreat inside, malfunction or look and feel broken. To stop shrugging their shoulders as a victim or innocent bystander. To stop men from taking their frustrations out on the world through acts of terrorism and “purification”. It’s time for EVERYONE to  “UNDERSTAND WOMEN”. 

To make this become reality GO and BUY or 1st re-revised book or donate on our website  Help support a good cause with meaningful and innocent intentions. To further research and to take what we do know to research laboratories for physical proof.

To show how the emotional world of women effect the physical world we know to today. And How longterm emotional disease’s become physical disease’s.

This book is just the beginning. 


Be true to yourself

Being true to who you are.

Yes being true to who you are in the worlds mind means gratifying feelings, ideas, and beliefs.

That is being true to who you are.

But being true to who you are means that you are happy.

If you are emotionally unstable, that is the opposite of happiness. It means you are NOT being true to who you are.

1) If you have to force your body to feel “normal/happy/relaxed/at peace” and stable through outside narcotics drugs alcohol you are not fulfilling your emotional requirements of what it means to be you.

2) If you have to feel happy through indulgence in any negative behavior verbal or physical to appease the obsessive hunger that your lack of fulfilled feelings are starving for, means you are not being true to who you are.

Yes you are appeasing your feelings and being true to THEM.  At the expense of your own happiness health or someone elses. Physically, emotionally or mentally.

true identity is when everyone around you benefits emotionally and physically AND mentally by your presence. They are able to be who they are around you free of criticism (within positive reason) You are able to believe what you believe and they are able to do the same. You are able to receive there beliefs with curiosity and not defensively.  True identity keeps the things around them intact and happy. If the bodies and feelings of those around you deteriorate by being true to who you are; you are NOT being true. True identity is NOT at the expense of others.

just to make myself clear for good.

Stealing, self harm,  killing, enslaving, fighting, judgement controlling what people say and do, hate, looking at people’s flaws, jealousy, ignoring people, impatience, not listening to people’s request of things they need, wanting other people’s stuff.

these are real feelings but they are not true identity feelings.

so we’ve established that

true identity does not come from material things (material things are important but not IT), negative behavior, at the expense of others does not come from liquids or herbs, does not come from drugs. Some of these things give you a temporary glimpse of true identity and the feelings that accompany true identity. Those are what people are looking for.

True identity is accompanied by content, clarity, speed, compassion, understanding, loyalty, giving, but also logic, reason, and It is self aware. True identity understand why it feels the way it feels and what causes certain feelings and where to find them healthfully. And above all it does not feel lonely or left out. It feels like it belongs, it is real. True identity is purpose, Reason and value to exist and protect existence.

Where to find true identity

True identity comes through fulfilling emotional needs that you get from femininity and masculinity. Femininity and masculinity are a set of behavior , lifestyle and philosophies. And when these philosophies reside in the correct gender and the genders are in correct quantity. The ultimate feelings that we are deeply engrained TO FEEL exist there. WE ALL KNOW we should feel them. But we don’t. But we can in THIS EXISTENCE and present day modern life. The quantity is: 1 masculine male, 3 feminine females. Intimacy, compassion, understanding, arts, exploration, fun! and loyalty. Loyalty to your choice of family is the only way without addictions, drugs, medication, violence, war, hate, jealousy. If this is the outcome you want in your life then this is the ONLY way without all the negatives I mentioned above.

Emotional fulfillment physical freedom, freedom of speech is possible in this family lifestyle when all are correctly educated about the philosophies, behaviors and lifestyle of masculinity and femininity. Education and freedom of choice is crucial. Understanding is crucial.

  1. True identity understands negativity and where it comes from. Negativity also= darkness. And true identity sees the darkness and is able to shed light on it; Without being consumed by it.



Too many masters = too many responsibilities (corrected)

(This is all based on men being masculine and women being feminine)
Men are task focused

Women are people focused
Men can do a task whether or not they like the person who tells them to do it. For a long time. 
Women doing tasks is completely dependent on her liking the person who gives it.  

Women only perform from the person they are in love and obsessed with. 

Men need to know
Women can only function in the now. 

They can only achieve short-term goals and rewards by themselves. 
She can barely manage maximum 3 tasks at a time.
Optimally she can go above and beyond with 1 correctly prioritized task.
Women prioritize emotionally. 
Men prioritize logically if he is masculine.
Women can ONLY reach far away goals and rewards WITH a man helping her to focus past rejection, problems etc. 
When a woman is burdened, her biggest incentive is fight or flight – but most often flight because of her fears and insecurities. She will always flee to where she is understood. (Feminine)

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In the strength of my weakness.

My husband is out working. I’m waiting patiently in the dark while our 3 yr old falls asleep in our bed. I’ve missed Mr. Darling very much.

This moment in the dark, headlights of parking cars splash across my face through the balcony window. I realized how much I NEED my husband. How much I appreciate that he doesn’t force me to work. Or do the things that would overload my wires. And how much he desires my peace, security, and sanity IN him being my only focus.

I would die if I had to be what every woman out there is doing. I belong here. I cannot supply resources for myself, I cannot protect myself, I CANNOT BE A MAN. LET ALONE TRYING TO DO THAT ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS. Woman were not built for such endurance without masculine overview.

I realized how much I need him to be a man. I never knew how much I needed a man until I stopped being and competing as/with a man.

To deny what seems to others as weakness is to deny love for myself.

If I ever had to do my husbands role, I would be greeted with, depression, anxiety, low capacity, lack of motivation to stay thin, mood swings, aggression.

I love being a woman. I love submission! I finally feel like I belong! Like I’m in the right place on the right track. Here I AM strong.

My love for him has become so deep I never knew that it was possible to feel like this or desire a person so much.

I want to be everything that a woman ought to be. I still have yet to understand what it means to be a woman and the power of creating my man into a god by setting him free.

I’m grateful that I made a list and that honesty, integrity, and commitment were important. Because with that you can dream big and achieve it because you can be trusted.

I’m grateful for his ambition, BIG THINKING. I’m grateful that he has dreams and desires of being financially free.

Someone knew what they were doing leading me to him. My husband is my light and my life.

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Women made simple

In a woman’s mind, a man is either WORTHLESS or WORTHWHILE! And he cannot be both at the same time.

“Unworthy of me” or “worthy of me”

1) Bum on the street, someone who’s got NOTHING!

That is how a woman looks at a man who she feels is less worthy of her

2) Someone who has EVERYTHING she wants (lamPs)

That is how a woman looks at a man who feels she is less worthy of him.

In a woman’s mind, a man either has NOTHING or EVERYTHING of what she wants.

she wants a man that she CANNOT control, other than in the bedroom.
Someone she needs to use her sexual and seductive powers on in order control.

When a woman has sex with a beta, she feels dirty.

If a beta comes even near her, she feels dirty, creeped out, disgusted. “how can he even think that i would be interested in talking with him. i wish he would stop asking me questions. i wish he would stop being interested in me. I wish he would just go away, in case there is another man who is on the outlook for me who is worthy of me.”

women always look somewhere else, when a beta is talking to them.

Women are heavily focused on every word, every nuance of everything an alpha is saying she breathes him in. Total and utter focus! if they don’t pay attention to him, he won’t find her interesting, and will move on to someone else – “alphas are very rare these days, you know”!

Women’s self esteem is totally and utterly based upon their ability to have sex with an alpha.

women make decisions based on what is happening now, the details of the current situation.
they want to have sex with a man when he has accomplished something great and special with other people, that other people look up to him for. then he is suddenly worthy of her attention and sexuality. He can offer her EVERYTHING because of his apparent power.

but the moment he allows her an ounce of control in his life, the attraction quickly fades into nothingness. He can offer her NOTHING!

in this way, no matter what he does for her, no matter what he invests of time and resources in her, it will never be enough, because as soon as she gains any form of control over him outside the bedroom, she has no use for his NOTHING any more.

A woman feels a man that she can control, will achieve NOTHING. And she is right. (But mostly because of her, unless he consciously makes her a lesser priority in his life.)

she therefore NEEEEEEEDS the man to not allow her to control him outside the bedroom.

Since a woman feels her man can do NOTHING, this is what she actually believes! He is out working 10-12 hours a day (in her mind, he has done nothing!). He has been out with the trash (in her mind, he has done nothing). He has made sure to do all the chores that she asked him to do (he has done nothing). He did the dishes with the kids (he has done nothing). And he brought home flowers and wants to go on a date with me (he has done nothing, but i love him as a friend. “He’s is my best friend.” But having sex with him, the guy who has done NOTHING- NO WAY!)

what she doesn’t know is that the moment she relinquishes ALL control, both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom, then the man can begin to take control of his situation, of her, and make things happen.

a man can take control of his life the same way – simply by relinquishing
HER control – and never allowing her to control him ever again. he can be nice of course, when she performs her duties – but the moment she begins to exercise any control over him again or refrains to perform her rightful duties, he needs to distance himself and his time and resources from the bottomless pit of her expectations!

When a man is in control of his life!?!?! WOW!!

that is the moment she feels she can get EVERYTHING out of this man! she begins to become excited about him, and is more apt to contact him for romantic purposes, more apt to say i love you (and mean it), more apt to initiate physical contact and kisses, and maybe even seduce him a bit in the bedroom??

when she does something outside the bedroom, that is to be EXPECTED.
A man has expectations on himself to perform for his woman and children. those expectations are to provide and protect when in need (when they are hungry, thirsty, in need of clothing or shelter, a threat appears, etc)

a man that doesn’t do those things is heavily looked down upon in society! he is an abuser !! “you are giving her the base necessities of life. it’s expected”.

a woman that doesn’t do her rightly duties of “making sandwiches”, keeping a home nice and tidy for her master, takes care of the children and make sure they are behaving well – these are all things that should not be rewarded other than giving her the base necessities of life.

but when a woman performs extraordinarily in bed, she should receive some form of additional reward for her behavior that is pleasing to her husband.

He will begin to go the extra mile towards his dreams – because he is beginning to believe he can actually achieve them! When ALL is well at home, EVERYTHING WORKS!

when a man resists her control, she immediately begins to become attracted to him. this is why women subconsciously stir up fights with their men for no apparent reason, to see if he will resist her and not allow himself to be controlled.

a woman will only have sex with her man if he says no to her. now she can prove herself worthy of him.


When a woman makes love to an alpha she was specifically warned about not having sex with – she’s thinking : “how can this be so wrong, when it feeeels sooooo right!!??”


When a woman feels dirty for having sex with a beta, it’s not because she’s thinking “i feel bad towards this beta for thinking about other men” –
nope it’s more like a “I can’t believe I’m having sex with this person. it feels so wrong. he is less worthy of me. he hasn’t done NOTHING to be worthy of me. i’m worth so much more than this!”

it’s like making love to a bum

she feels like she is a princess, worthy of a prince, and here she is, making love to a dirty man, almost feels like rape

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Came across this famous N’sync song for the first time since hearing about and accepting the red pill:

I had never realized that this was complete FALSE advertising for what women want!

If my definition of alpha is correct – “thousands/millions of women want to be/sleep with him” and “she’s lucky if she gets to be/sleepwith me” – then these guys are completely ALPHAS singing a BETA song!!!!

All over the world they sing this song, and women are screaming and orgasming right in front of them, yet if other average Joe’s display any of these feelings – women friendzone them and LJBF’s (“let’s just be friends”) them!

Culture and media are not helping men figure out how women want to be loved!!

On the other hand, women know intimately what they want, but men don’t know how to create this in their women, except men like N’sync:

Anyone who can think of other CLEARLY ALPHA songs, and/or CLEARLY BETA songs?? Please share!

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If you already are a high status guy. And want to marry?

A “prince” NEEDS to marry a beautiful pauper. She will FOREVER SEE HIM AS ALPHA. And if she is rebellious she won’t be for Long or as bad because SHE KNOWS SHE CAN BE REPLACED.

Women of equal status have options.

A women who doesn’t have money can’t create her own status or freedom.

Women should never work. Just develop her submission. Give up her freedom in order to gain it.