House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Women’s fears, bad for business and families. 

We are starting to learn that women’s fear kept locked up inside her are more powerful and dangerous than we think. Women need to vent to THEIR MAN. Men who are understanding and receiving. Who will let her place those fears on him at any time. Who understands that her fears are irrational in general, yet very real to her. That he receives them whenever she thinks or feels them and understands that she is just getting them out, so they don’t have power anymore. That he receives them and throws them out like garbage by ignoring them and deleting them in his mind. 
The more she vents the less there will be, if you change her environment. Keep her away from triggers or reminders. The goal is NO FEAR for women. 
Short story: Lakers basketball team president. A woman. And her father JUST died. 
Lakers worst year since 1956. Including her partner who was responsible for Michael Jordens success. 
Injured players, etc. 
What’s responsible is this woman’s fear and burden. 
This is just another example of some things that women just can’t handle. Has nothing to do with equality. Has everything to do with the female mind and heart. And what they were made for. Some things were meant for women and some things were meant for masculine men.
But masculine men need to take the reigns because if they don’t then women will, because that’s how we function. If he won’t, I will. Men need to put emotion aside and get things done. Women can’t put emotion aside. They can suppress, yes. But that, THAT creates hurricanes of darkness. And attracts DARKNESS and I cannot express the horrible things that happen. 
Some things women shouldn’t know about, BECAUSE we care. We are only supposed to care for our home environment. Leave everything out, except what matters most. The home and family. 
Override us with your understanding, goals and confidence. 


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Serve Your husband…

It is not idolatry to worship your husband. Your man was born to eventually become a god. Your husband was born to be worshipped. If a man is not worshipped by his wife, who else will worship him? How else will she, as his wife, become a goddess, if her man is not first a god? A man rises to the occasion, when his special someone knows WHO he is!

You don’t get the water before you dig the well!

It is not God that exalts you; IT IS YOUR HUSBAND!

He created us for each other, NOT for him!

The only reason submission confuses women, is because they are trying to serve two masters.

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In the strength of my weakness.

My husband is out working. I’m waiting patiently in the dark while our 3 yr old falls asleep in our bed. I’ve missed Mr. Darling very much.

This moment in the dark, headlights of parking cars splash across my face through the balcony window. I realized how much I NEED my husband. How much I appreciate that he doesn’t force me to work. Or do the things that would overload my wires. And how much he desires my peace, security, and sanity IN him being my only focus.

I would die if I had to be what every woman out there is doing. I belong here. I cannot supply resources for myself, I cannot protect myself, I CANNOT BE A MAN. LET ALONE TRYING TO DO THAT ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS. Woman were not built for such endurance without masculine overview.

I realized how much I need him to be a man. I never knew how much I needed a man until I stopped being and competing as/with a man.

To deny what seems to others as weakness is to deny love for myself.

If I ever had to do my husbands role, I would be greeted with, depression, anxiety, low capacity, lack of motivation to stay thin, mood swings, aggression.

I love being a woman. I love submission! I finally feel like I belong! Like I’m in the right place on the right track. Here I AM strong.

My love for him has become so deep I never knew that it was possible to feel like this or desire a person so much.

I want to be everything that a woman ought to be. I still have yet to understand what it means to be a woman and the power of creating my man into a god by setting him free.

I’m grateful that I made a list and that honesty, integrity, and commitment were important. Because with that you can dream big and achieve it because you can be trusted.

I’m grateful for his ambition, BIG THINKING. I’m grateful that he has dreams and desires of being financially free.

Someone knew what they were doing leading me to him. My husband is my light and my life.

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Women sexually attracted to Jesus or God. When religion has become a weapon against man. Sorry ladies, God, Jesus your Deity; has already chosen his wife. He doesn’t need you…your husband does.

20131023-113406 AM.jpg

Most religious women I have talked to speak about their deity in this form. And the honest ones admit to this.

Romantically imagine being with him.

I want to be held by him
I want to cuddle with him
I want his comfort
I want to hold his hand
I want his love and attention
To stroke my hair
Make love to him
Think about him while making love to her husband
I am his servant of his every whim

These are the IN LOVE feeling. in this state is where her peace, security and safety is. Where women have confessed to me that they are in love with him and want to be one of his wives.

Imagine if you thought like this about another man than your husband?

It would be considered infedelity and disloyalty.

Guess what? it’s already happening. If you think about god or deity in this manner you are in the act of infidelity and disloyalty to your husband.

Any of these feelings are meant for your husband AND YOUR HUSBAND ONLY!

If god or Jesus came back to earth could you imagine the chaos of women in love.

Why do think god or Jesus are not here? I know that this is one of many reasons!

Men would be forgotten. Being SELFISHLY AMOG’D by their creator.

Oh wait… again… it’s already happening. This was not the Leader or co leaders intention! God and Jesus do not want this!

He created his sons for the exact purpose of THEIR SUCCESS!

He has worlds without number. Do you really think that he would selfishly create you for sole purpose of worshipping him. Forgetting your husband!?

And when you meet him are you going to serve him grapes all day with cheese? Singing hymns as you do that? Anxiously waiting for him to tell you what to do? Sorry, he already has enough of that. his happiness is in others success. Which is why he created us FOR EACH OTHER. NOT FOR HIM! He already has a woman or women! He is bound by the same commandments in which he gives us! Marriage. Otherwise he would be a hypocrite.

He creates FOR the success of his creations. To fulfill the measure of their creation. To create their own world, happiness. As gods and goddesses. Judgement day will merely be a test to see if we lived here and made his sons successful. Their god hood and advancement depends on our submission to them, in their imperfect state.

Do you believe in the power of your creation.? You can only create in submission to your husband.

Why would jesus or god want or work with women who are rebellious to his creations, which he has given you?
Rebellious to HIS sons!
Rebellious to men.


You are always forgiven when you want to be.