House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

What does my sexual brain require?!

Well, monogamy just creates non-sexual women because emotional needs can NEVER be 100% met when needed. A woman alone is forced to do the thinking of 3 women. The more she thinks the less pleasure she feels and the less sexual she is. And or at it’s worst sexuality and all that it encompasses doesn’t exist. Often times it feels wrong to be sexual.

The next step taken, turning to substances is the “only way possible.” Those eventually stop working too. All attempts for her sexuality cease to work. Replaced by all negative emotions. Insanity.

So, what I need. In monogamy.

Husband to be more at work
A long lasting penis
Technology and hired help to replace the other women.
Paid Pampering
Fun and healthy Indulgences

I don’t even get some of this in monogamy at the moment, because of needing to fix my body and installing routines. And my emotional capacity.

My husband has had to live another role than his own, temporarily. And he’s been here more than we both want. Which in turn has made him a part of the usual scenery and therefore caused my emotional disinterest in sex. And when we do have sex it feels wrong because I’m making love to an IT. Not a man and not a woman. Making love, confused. Physically, I still need sex and it relieves. But, I’m starting to feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode because the loss of my sexuality. Which is completely circumstantial. BUT, my emotional brain DOESN’T UNDERSTAND. My emotional brain says this is how I will feel FOREVER.

I’m faced with worry and anxiety because of that fear. Will I EVER be sexual again.

I’m scared,

That I will only be able to be sexual when we do marry the other two; legally, lawfully and rightfully. Giving all of us equal security and equal stance with each other.

I’m really scared.

That until then, ill be driven by need and not desire.


Why girls learn faster than boys

Women’s emotions are more intense than men’s. So, their emotions have more of a driving force or hold over women. Since all human’s are driven by pain and pleasure. Women don’t need as much pain to “get it.” Men have to go through more pain to “get it”.

However, when men “get it” they “get it” and apply what they learn forever.

Women on the other hand are still emotional creatures. They learn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean; that she is able to do what she has learned. Her emotional level determines whether she does or doesn’t do something. In essence – She learns – if she does not DO, it is because she’s not ALLOWED by her emotions. Her emotions are controlled by environment and how she is treated. Un-able to ignore how she feels.

Men who act feminine (emotional) are based on; When someone does this, I act like this. Merely taught by visual. And the most feminine men were raised by extremely emotionally burdened women. However, It can be overridden by ignoring and channeling. Men can be taught to override thoughts and emotions. Men adapt.

Women on the other hand when I feel like this, I act like this. If she suppresses, causing emotional burden; She will have periodic or many blow ups. If it’s too much suppression, fight or flight kicks in.

Human behavior

Real masculinity-Despite rejection is happy and positive

Real masculinity takes upon itself all blame and responsibility.

Real femininity – In correct environment, without rejection – Happy and all positive behavior.

“Burdened woman” behavior – Dictated by rejection.

Includes feminine men & masculine women. Specifically those dictated by emotion.

Common Denominator : Blame

Tactics to feel in control and on top – Force, Fear, Intimidation tearing down, rejection, blame, and guilt

The two philosophies. Masculine and feminine

There are two basic philosophies in life and they are gender oriented. As they were designed to be. Both are correct. HOWEVER, they have designated environments that they must function in, otherwise there is no order, privacy, justice, nor peace.

Really, it’s the battle of the sexes.

• Provide for me
• Protect and Defend me
• Something for nothing
• Carnal, highly sexual
• Indulgence and play
• Care
• Emotional, obedient to emotions ( when burdened it’s at the expense of freedom, reason, logic and order)
• Innocent, not able to take blame, or consequence for one’s actions ( because they are controlled by environment and how one is treated)
• Short term gratification

• Provide for myself and those who love me
•Protect myself and those who love me
•No such thing as a free lunch
•When it comes to sexuality: Self restraint and order.
•Indifference to pain and rejection, care for those who love me
•Bears his responsibility as a leader
•Longterm gratification
•Work now, play later

The sex I needed…so badly

Only getting better!

Her Innocence

We woke in the middle of the night, by baby. Fed him and laid him to sleep. We were left with the energy of our rested and care free bodies. Sensual.

We began kissing and escalated the hibernating energy.

We made love for about an hour and decided to call it a night. He exited.

Toilet break. He moved down the bed a bit while on his knees and stopped. I, on all fours approached him. Raising up and greeting him for good night kisses. We kissed lovingly and appreciatively.

My vagina woke up. It wasn’t over.

As I straddled his right knee, I could slightly feel his supple and hard erection on my left. Kissing, as I rocked my hips back and forth, above his knee, feeling the warmth rise from it.

Heartbeats rising with soft groans as my rocking massaged the engorged tissues inside. I started dripping fluids…

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The woman

I have relocated to

What I have learned since this blog.

Her Innocence

In the first blog of this website I talked about feminine and masculine. I’m going to try my best to explain now, the woman. I’ll explain our designed behavior and what happens when we are burdened and suppressed. Everything we tried, failed. Especially, what we now know as burdened woman tactics (force, fear and emotional blackmail) for the man to instill patriarchy. All prior, actively used, philosophies left so many conflicts, confusion and questions.

Except for this new philosophy.

This philosophy will ultimately work in 3 wife polygyny. If the man overcomes his feminine characteristics, beliefs etc.

For it to work, indifference from the man plays a key role. He must also play as mediator between the women. Lastly the environment must be conducive to womens nature and emotional needs. Men and women are designed to be extreme opposites. In role and belief systems. Yin and yang. Yet sexually…

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Not sure that when I transition from private to public again, that my post will show up in the reader. So, posting again. I have relocated to I will reblog this post here and there. To make sure all have seen.

IF you want to keep up to date at where i’m at. These posts will help. Otherwise, you’ll be like whaaaa?

The posts

1 The woman
2 Unspoken words, the importance of venting
3 The two philosophies, Masculine and Feminine
4 Can a woman forgive?

4 Amazing 3 wife polygyny
5 What makes polygyny work?

I am pro choice. Against force, fear, emotional blackmail, suppression, and burden because it eventually killed my sexuality. I Wasn’t able to be submissive longterm, by my own choice, desire or even by will as time passed. My emotions became stronger than habit and even choice. I had no choice. My emotions ruled over me. When my emotions were fixed, THEN, I NATURALLY, became submissive. We discovered that women are only obedient to their emotions. So, my husband has learned and still learning how to naturally get my emotions to worship him. Our previous tactics were causing me to hate him secretly, want to avoid him, making me VERY EMOTIONALLY UN-STABLE AND CRAZY. I was dying inside and didn’t feel I existed. i tried to tell my mind, that how I felt wasn’t important. My emotions on the other hand were screaming, angry, and fighting to live. My emotions became stronger. They were starting to take over and all i saw was red. We decided to stop, to protect myself from myself, each other and our family. I was having to fight evil thoughts that my emotions were creating.

Now everything is better. Im blessedly happy. We found the longterm solutions and the answers we needed for me as an emotional creature. My sexuality came back better than, prior and during house wife sexuality blog.