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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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The final sex secret!!! Excitement!!!!

We have finally uncovered everything (FUNDAMENTAL BASICS) about a women’s sexuality. The last aspect is MONUMENTAL. It explains why women don’t like men touching them or advancing on them, despite their obvious immodest apparel.

The two key components to a women’s sexuality are:

2. Performance (effort, work)

A women’s submission makes her man higher value. She cannot have sex with someone she looks down on.

Performance. An ALPHA, is a man who has time, money, resources and SEX WORK FOR HIM.

The fact is a man cannot please many women if he has to perform for all of them! But, ALL THE WOMEN CAN PERFORM FOR HIM!!!

When a man works for sex this is the ultimate disgust for a women. He must wait until the point of “no return. ” This is where she gives up herself to her pleasure.

I constantly hated when my husband was more excited about sex than me. I disliked his approach etc.

The fact is men plant seeds women nurture them. All that the man needs to do is pretty much nothing, he just shows interest. Or he makes a command. THAT’S IT. The women performs for him. A women needs to be actively engaged to keep her desire and attention. Men are visual. A women performs, his attention snaps to!

Musicals, singers etc. Women feel the sexiest when performing. Women and girls perform in front of the mirror pretending that an ALPHA ( A DESIRABLE MAN IS WATCHING)

A women can’t perform and work herself up to sexual heights if the guy is taking all the attention and doing all the work.



A women lives and thrives on fantasy and performance for a master (desirable male). That man just sits back, let’s her take the wheel and just enjoys her by watching. A touch here and a touch there. This lasts until the point of no return where anything that happens just adds to.

I LOVE IT. This is where a women is her mans goddess and has control over him. This is how she feels like a sexy princess!! It’s a win win she takes control and she submits by serving him.

A women loves to dance, sing and dress sexy!!!

The only thing he does is plant desire, and give back the same level of excitement.

Women want to isolate escalate and penetrate. They want him to dominate at the point her pleasure has taken over her body. because pretty much everything works at this point if he is has been alpha at all times. Outside the bedroom and inside the bedroom.

If he tries to take control too soon it feels like rape, she feels dirty, disgusted, turned off, irritated. She loses motivation of life very quickly because this is the core of her existence!!

This has been ONE of the biggest revelation to us other than default yes submission. With this order of roles having sex everyday would actually lead somewhere!

THE WANTS TO PERFORM(to do the work) she just wants the man to watch and barely show interest. Just approval. IF HE’S AN ALPHA.

If he’s beta women avoid them like the plague! Unless she knows that submission makes him alpha!

Performance and fantasy!!!!


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Dear viewers

I have recently been going through all my posts and putting them into categories.

You will probably be quite intrigued by the sexuality category because that is where all our posts of our 165 days of daily sex are.

This is where we learned and came to the beginning of our conclusion that default “yes” submission and giving my power over to my husband was the answer to EVERYTHING! We have tried everything else plus daily sex and everything else failed except for this! We have never had such dramatic results because if my default yes submission than from this weekend at a business conference. We learned so much this weekend!



I look forward to writing! After all my responsibilities to my husband have been done! He comes first! I love you Mr. Darling!

Enjoy a sample of the 165 days. It was randomly picked!

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“Default yes” submission. Light attracts light, virtue attracts virtue.

Women are irrational and illogical! Which is why it’s so important what goes in their head. Majority of women have watched too man horror movies and things that go wrong in the world. Which is very small percentage of what really goes on in the world. They lose site of the beautiful things and don’t DARE TAKING RISKS. Creating more fear in her than ever before. Making it harder for men.

I’am progressive “default yes” submissive. There are only two things submission or un-submission. If you are progressing towards something you basically ARE that thing because at some point you will reach it.

Women are so scared of “default yes” submission. Because they think that this is what they will get:

WRONG! You attract what you focus on. So, if you want this then participate in it… that’s your thing. If you don’t want this then ask lots and lots of questions about the guy you want to be involved with. I’m impressed with this woman’s attitude. I love it! Her attitude is what I want in my head about everything in life on a general basis. She out does me in submission any day!

Mr. Darling wouldn’t do any of this because it’s not duplicatable (If everyone did this what would the world look like?). And you can’t create a happy family. This would produce chaos!!!!! Violence is not duplicatable ever! I know god wouldn’t do this to his wife. But, bravo for her to being so submissive with a positive attitude!

If you don’t want it then THINK before you open your legs or put yourself in a position where your natural submission tendencies will take over. Women who don’t understand their nature and programming get into ALOT of trouble. I know I did! Before, I got married to an AWESOME MAN!


Choose wisely! Become who you want to have around you. Your behavior attracts or repels people.

You want a fight you’ll get a fight. (Not from me so don’t waist your energy) You want peace you’ll get peace.

Light attracts light, virtue attracts virtue.

Life is like quicksand the more you fight the more your life is in danger.

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Sexual Submission. What to work towards. REMEMBER: The right goals+ time = your ideal dream

  • Sexually attractive
  1. Excercise: Walking for 20-30 miles in a week every week…..Listen to- The number #1 health, sex and wieght loss secret with Dr. Runels ( *its the third one on the list in the website
  2. Strive to Eat healthy: The new eating pyramid;

You can not be perfect now, Just set right goal and grow everyday through time.

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Submission diaries, other’s success stories.

  • 9 August
  • From M.V

    Mr. darling and Mrs. Darling, Meeting you was such a blessing. I learned so much from you and about myself. Heavenly Father has really guided me to you. Everything has just clicked. Im in love, and it feels really right this time, more than ever before but I know that meeting you before I met him was crucial, I really tried to apply what you told me, and it works! I appreciate you two and your example from deep in my heart. I feel so much peace and trust in myself and in Heavenly Father. Thank you for what your example has been teaching me.

    This is from one of my husbands ex- girlfriends. She came to us to know what went wrong with him and her long long ago. She also wanted to know why it keeps happening to her. Until now……

    It’s so nice to receive messages like this!

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Submission diaries, submission brings your husband respect from others

We went to a small gathering for a birthday part yesterday. I’ve adopted the philosophy that “men come first”. I applied myself at this party here is what happened and the results.

My husband and I entered the room. I went before him and found the best seat and offered it to him. I found him a glass of water and gave it to him. I engaged in conversation. I kept myself busy but stayed by his side.

The room became full so i decided to sit at his feet on the floor. I let my upper body rest on his legs while my torso was snuggled between his shins and i sat with legs to my side.

Food was being passed around finally, after an hour+ I was given a bowl which i then gave to my husband. His mother said to him, shouldn’t she get that first? she has a habit of correcting me sometimes and him. I said no, in my world the man come first. There had been prior discussions between him and her about relationship dynamics. She didn’t like that what i said to her though

At one point he was talking to his brother. His brother told him to go fetch the bible so that they could discuss something. He told me to go get it. I happily did. I love to. His brother didn’t like it so much and rebuked him.

I sat at my masters feet for the first part of the gathering. A girl from slovakia commented “it’s so nice to see a couple so in love”. I asked her what made her think that. She said, ” you are affectionate with each other, you make funny, and the way that you look at each other”.

Later on a high status lawyer; that we have known before my husband and i got married; became intrigue in my husband in a way that he never had been. And started asking my husband questions about his business life etc.

Later on I sat at the feet of the slovakian girl. We had been discussing with her about how my husband and I met. I had told her that if it wasn’t for the lawyer helping out i probably wouldn’t have been married to mr. darling. The woman was curious about me while the lawyer was explaining the timeline and he said “yeah the first time we met, you were kind of la la la girl and now your like the perfect little housewife”

It’s amazing how submission changes the way that people look at the man and the woman.

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SUBMISSION DIARIES, the blossoming of a new sex life.

I feel like a teenage girl again. Before I did anything serious. My Masters erection is starting to excite me. I feel sensual and seducing towards him. I love to giggle more during flirtatious bouts. Sex is exciting. Oh my goodness, my eyes are getting damp.

I feel like a virgin again. Reborn. Free.

My husband should have sex whenever he wants. It was always a win lose situation in our sex life. Ever since I made him a master over me. Pleasure just seems to come naturally from deep inside. Even if it’s not ‘MY IDEA’ it’s still pleasurable. It will be even MORE pleasurable once i learn “to go with it”. WHY WOULDN’T I WANT SEXUAL HEALING??????

I have now decided that when my master just comes to “take”(have) sex, I’ll make it into a girly game of chase. Every girl loves to be chased by the man her alpha man. We’ll play tag or something until he finally pins me down. By making it into a game I take ownership and make it my idea to have sex.

Momentarily looking back, there is nothing more i could feel sad about then that my husband used to make love to a “plank of wood”. But, god forgave me. For at the time “know not what I do”, nor how to fix it. Thank goodness for the never ending process of seeking for knowledge and solutions.


Now; He can make love to a happy, submissive, giggly, exotic, playfully aggressive, feminine woman. I’m forever eager to change and improve for his and only his pleasure. We had sex the past four days with ease, happiness and excitement!

Rewarded continually by peace within myself and our relationship because I finally know my place.

Thank you god for helping me learn how to be willing to change and submit.