House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Serve Your husband…

It is not idolatry to worship your husband. Your man was born to eventually become a god. Your husband was born to be worshipped. If a man is not worshipped by his wife, who else will worship him? How else will she, as his wife, become a goddess, if her man is not first a god? A man rises to the occasion, when his special someone knows WHO he is!

You don’t get the water before you dig the well!

It is not God that exalts you; IT IS YOUR HUSBAND!

He created us for each other, NOT for him!

The only reason submission confuses women, is because they are trying to serve two masters.


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Women sexually attracted to Jesus or God. When religion has become a weapon against man. Sorry ladies, God, Jesus your Deity; has already chosen his wife. He doesn’t need you…your husband does.

20131023-113406 AM.jpg

Most religious women I have talked to speak about their deity in this form. And the honest ones admit to this.

Romantically imagine being with him.

I want to be held by him
I want to cuddle with him
I want his comfort
I want to hold his hand
I want his love and attention
To stroke my hair
Make love to him
Think about him while making love to her husband
I am his servant of his every whim

These are the IN LOVE feeling. in this state is where her peace, security and safety is. Where women have confessed to me that they are in love with him and want to be one of his wives.

Imagine if you thought like this about another man than your husband?

It would be considered infedelity and disloyalty.

Guess what? it’s already happening. If you think about god or deity in this manner you are in the act of infidelity and disloyalty to your husband.

Any of these feelings are meant for your husband AND YOUR HUSBAND ONLY!

If god or Jesus came back to earth could you imagine the chaos of women in love.

Why do think god or Jesus are not here? I know that this is one of many reasons!

Men would be forgotten. Being SELFISHLY AMOG’D by their creator.

Oh wait… again… it’s already happening. This was not the Leader or co leaders intention! God and Jesus do not want this!

He created his sons for the exact purpose of THEIR SUCCESS!

He has worlds without number. Do you really think that he would selfishly create you for sole purpose of worshipping him. Forgetting your husband!?

And when you meet him are you going to serve him grapes all day with cheese? Singing hymns as you do that? Anxiously waiting for him to tell you what to do? Sorry, he already has enough of that. his happiness is in others success. Which is why he created us FOR EACH OTHER. NOT FOR HIM! He already has a woman or women! He is bound by the same commandments in which he gives us! Marriage. Otherwise he would be a hypocrite.

He creates FOR the success of his creations. To fulfill the measure of their creation. To create their own world, happiness. As gods and goddesses. Judgement day will merely be a test to see if we lived here and made his sons successful. Their god hood and advancement depends on our submission to them, in their imperfect state.

Do you believe in the power of your creation.? You can only create in submission to your husband.

Why would jesus or god want or work with women who are rebellious to his creations, which he has given you?
Rebellious to HIS sons!
Rebellious to men.


You are always forgiven when you want to be.

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Dear viewers

I have recently been going through all my posts and putting them into categories.

You will probably be quite intrigued by the sexuality category because that is where all our posts of our 165 days of daily sex are.

This is where we learned and came to the beginning of our conclusion that default “yes” submission and giving my power over to my husband was the answer to EVERYTHING! We have tried everything else plus daily sex and everything else failed except for this! We have never had such dramatic results because if my default yes submission than from this weekend at a business conference. We learned so much this weekend!



I look forward to writing! After all my responsibilities to my husband have been done! He comes first! I love you Mr. Darling!

Enjoy a sample of the 165 days. It was randomly picked!

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Your wife is allowing Jesus to AMOG you.

Men are to follow Jesus, women are to follow their men.

The only way god is to exist in a women’s life is through the father or husband. (Master)

If she has no master by default: (meaning that she has not caused him to be beta through un-submission)
Death, disease etc. this is when god is to be her master!

God delegated ownership over women TO men. He delegated AMOG-Ing to the husband.

He gave us each other so that we could copy him in order to receive all that he has and feel the joy he feels through hard work and our own creative design.

Men are to become like jesus: a god. This is the only way he can ” be ye therefore perfect as I am” aka. “Be ye a god as I am” there can only be one master of anything. Men’s master is Jesus, women’s master is husband.

A women let’s go of her father, god, her job, school teacher, personal trainer, her blog, commenters on her blog or any other master by “default yes” submission in everything to her husband.

Otherwise she will be tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea by her many masters

God rules over man who has given the man ownership of women.

My husband is MY MASTER no one else. If god has a design or purpose for me then he will TELL my husband and i will know it THROUGH my husband.

A man shuts god out by not doing what he says. A women shuts her man and potential as a god by not doing what he says.

I will go where you want me to go dear husband. Thy will be done.

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Why you are perfect only when you are growing and changing for the better

Perfection only exists in a state of growth

If you are progressing towards something you ARE that thing, because at some point you will reach it.

The fact is life continues after this which means that there is an endless amount of things to learn. Which means there is no such thing as an end destination when it comes to learning and developing.

Which means that every end brings a new beginning.

The only main attributes that humanity needs are: submission, willingness to change and action.

To explain those thoroughly. Submission: means to be open to receive information no matter how uncomfortable. Willingness to change: Means acceptance of truth and willing to do it. Action: Means applying what has been learned with a follow through until it has been achieved and assimilated as a part of your nature.

God=truth=behavior and ways of living that can last eternally IN harmony. Now saying that;

The order of submission: Men submit to truth, women submit to men of truth, children submit to the father who delegates leadership to the woman.

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Benefits of polygamy. (A work in progress)

This is based on that it is legal. That everyone is loyal and committed to truth and growth with-in the bonds of matrimony. That all participants understand the process of growth. That mistakes are necessary in order to learn. That perfection doesn’t exist except in a state of growth.

Also, That there is 100% open communication about anything and everything, acceptance of things shared, honesty, service, integrity and teamwork. That all women are default yes submissive. That there are prenuptial agreements. Without these NOTHING WORKS.


The man’s sexual needs are completely fulfilled. He gets variety and sleeps with those who want to sleep with him.

It pushes the man to provide and protect. He’s smarter in his money and time investments that will produce greatest passive income.

Women receive safety, protection, provision from someone who they think is more important than they are.

Women will feel peace and love at all times and in all places.

The man will have peace.

The women’s desire to have sex with him dramatically increases.

Women get turned on by other
women getting turned on by the man.

The women grow! Because they are all positively competing for the mans attention. They also help each other.

It keeps girls behavior in check! There is nothing attractive about a girl with a sour disposition. If she wants positive attention or any attention then she will be happy, uplifting and positive.

They women keep each other company if the man has to take an extended business trip.

More people to help keep the house clean, organized, and take care of kids!

The girls get to pamper each other. A single women has to worry about getting girl time and making friends. She has to pay for someone to play with her hair etc. In polygamy friends and girl time is automatic. The women’s Beta needs are fulfilled by women.

The man’s only beta qualities in polygamy are leadership, protection, provision and sexual fulfillment.

More talents!!!! Imagine if one girl knew how to cut hair. Another knew how to style. Another knew how to do nails, design and make clothes, photography. And they all taught each other.

Being healthy and making healthy food is so much easier!!! Woman don’t have to care about practicality time and energy. Things are faster and easier in teams.

More fun!

More kids! Kids are so entertaining!

Being able to schedule private time for one self is easier because the family cares about individuals needs. In monogamy private time, or getting a nap, or trying to read is very more difficult on top of the other things she has to do.

Their is no winner or loser. You the only women that lose is trying to have all the attention to herself at the expense of the others. By giving the attention to others she gains the attention. Everyone wins if they give.

It forces betas to stop being betas because positive competition makes them grow to gain attraction of women. Positive competition makes everything grow. It irradiates through time the “poor me” attitude. Get’s the tail OUT FROM BETWEEN THE LEGS. Poor “loser” or “sports” will always remain miserable, resentful and victimized at their own premise.

It also stops feminist from negatively AMOG-ing everyone and everything. Takes her off her pedestal and actually start caring about others instead of her own pleasures. Because when she cares about others, others care about her.