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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Dear viewers

I have recently been going through all my posts and putting them into categories.

You will probably be quite intrigued by the sexuality category because that is where all our posts of our 165 days of daily sex are.

This is where we learned and came to the beginning of our conclusion that default “yes” submission and giving my power over to my husband was the answer to EVERYTHING! We have tried everything else plus daily sex and everything else failed except for this! We have never had such dramatic results because if my default yes submission than from this weekend at a business conference. We learned so much this weekend!



I look forward to writing! After all my responsibilities to my husband have been done! He comes first! I love you Mr. Darling!

Enjoy a sample of the 165 days. It was randomly picked!


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My childhood with my father after my mother left

My memories of this time are scattered. Pieces of a puzzle that fall together as I write.

My father is an engineer. As soon as he booted out my psychologically distressed mother. He worked over time. The funny thing is that during this time I felt the most security and peace since my mother left. When thinking upon this time I feel…….residual happiness. But, I was happy and alone.

Being woken up in the early mornings of winter as my father got me ready for the babysitters. I remember the power, strength and security I felt as he carried me half asleep on those cold vulnerable mornings. I loved being in the movement of his arms as he carried me to the car. Warm and safe.

I was shuffled from family to family. My mom was given permission to have me again. Sometimes. When that happened I felt the battle again. I hated being torn between my father and mother. Having to choose sides. I was the favorite child because I was submissive. My mother used me to lie to people. What choice did I have. Everything my mother did was “right”. She raised me against my father. I was the child and she was the mother. I felt so bad, thinking back on it now, i can feel the sting of betrayal and pain as he watched his little girl speak bad against him and tell people what an awful man he was. To watch me be mommies mindless robot. The parakeet that sat on her shoulder.

To be continued.

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My childhood with my father/mother, father, father/step-mother

Where to start? The last thing I remember from my early early childhood was when I was 3. I had a pacifier in my mouth and it was Christmas Day. I received a teddy bear with a hat over one ear. I remember trying to see if the ear was under his hat. I kept trying to take the hat off. He was soft. I loved him very much. Christmas days for some reason are the one things I remember VERY WELL.

Ever since that memory I remember there was always a power struggle between my parents. We had happy memories. but, the constant feeling I always had was I just felt bad, sadness and confusion majority of the time.

The avoidance of Pain has been the greatest driving force for my reason for accepting polygamy and submission.

My father when disciplining us would spank us hard. Using, rulers, paddles; his hands hurt the most. My father was a gymnast and in karate. Massive muscles and very very strong. I now know that the reason he spanked us was because my mother always undermined his authority in front of us or never allowed my father to follow through with consequences for unruly behavior.

My mother was very emotionally unstable. She threw child tantrums.
One time I had made special no eat cookies that were drying on the window sill. A therapist was over to try to help my mom. She lost control at the mere thought that she was the one who needed to change. She kicked a glass mug which bounced off a window. Breaking my cookies and the mug.

There was a another time that I remember one of our neighbors came over and my mother was screaming hysterically; throwing her arms, legs and body around. Pacing around the house in a frantic rage. I was chasing after her saying ” i love you mommy, i love you mommy” I was about 6.

To show how much of a mommies girl i was the in last argument before it all ended. She took me to a hotel where we stayed and she used me to talk to my dad. She called him on the phone and told me what to say etc. I always did what “mommy” said.

The last memory I have of my father and mother is when i was seven. They were fighting in the kitchen. She was angry at him for spanking us kids so hard, so often and very rarely sometimes left marks. She got so angry that she picked up a knife and threatened to slit his throat. I saw the last thread of connection between her and my father disappear. The next morning she was gone.

Next chapter to be continued


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What happened to me growing up. ? Raised as a feminist

It would be nice if sex was look as a positive thing.Rather to promote sex in marriage and the blessings that abound from it and focus more on that. Rather than creating every reference or connotation to sex as negative. Every association with sex i had growing up was always negative negative NEGATIVE. SEX WAS BAD BAD BAD. All that was ever talked about was the negative effects of outside relations.

What i felt inside at the time… That went and goes against every truth discerning feelers that god implanted in me. I knew deep down without consciously knowing that this wasn’t true. The fact is that sex is beautiful, and glorious when done in the right boundaries and the men are more alpha keeping the woman wanting sex more than them,

Within the boundaries the lord has set. The truth is is that when they find themselves in a situation unintended. When those feelings are being aroused they will think as i did. This feels great. Everyone is wrong. How beautiful.

My father twiced divorced. Never did anyone sat down and show me the pros or cons of marital or premarital relationship. All i knew that SEX IS BAD,,,,,PERIOD. If I even heard the word sex; i immediately started feeling anxiety confusion and bad feelings. When I was around boys I was confused or even felt guilty for having any sexual feelings or arousal. I how to interact with the opposite sex. Which was highly frustrating. These issues Probably occured because all 3 adults suffered bad sex lifes and both women were huge feminists. My dad was hugely sex whipped and out of the bedroom whipped. Sex can not be enjoyable for either partners when the man is whipped out or in the bedroom,

Sex needs to be talked about more POSITIVELY. What happens when a woman keeps her virtue and chastity. AND encourage young marriage! Also have special support places for divorced parent children. What will men think OF HER when she DOES keep her chastity, virtue and submissiveness. How they (the men) will like her and DESIRE TO POSSESS HER, TO KEEP HER SAFE, PROTECTED AND LEAD. I was pushed in the negative direction because there were no other answers EVERYTHING WAS BAD BAD BAD. I had no other ways to find out about the truth of relationships and sex except through unfortunate experience. As soon as my parents divorced at 7 i became promiscuous. 7!!! Children don’t understand CONSCIOUSLY THE VOID OR THE DESIRE TO BE POSSESSED BY A MASTER. I had no power left. My security was destroyed. All i knew was that sexuality was my weapon. My father barely existed. IF he was home we watched movies. Or i was usually left to my own devices. I wander the neighborhood. Seeking companionship understanding, comfort. I had NO ONE to look after me after the years of divorce, I was my own master. I occasionally went peoples houses that were designated by father. Thank goodness the lord protected me until i was 17. He was still protecting me from 17-23. When my real promiscuity happened. Then i FINALLY GOT MARRIED. Looking back this was all i wanted to be owned, dominated, possessed and lead. And ultimately desired.

We need more Positivity in the world. If no one knows what “THE LIGHT” looks like. How can they walk towards it. All they know is what the darkness looks like and there only hope is to go through the darkness to find the light. Cause only in the dark can you see the stars. The stars aren’t bright enough. But, at least they have glimmer of something better to hope for or believe in, But even in the dark with the stars It’s easy to get lost if there is no clear, bright and alluring picture of how saving themselves for sex in marriage, and submission is going to bring them freedom.