House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Oraling tip

While giving oral. Stretch the scrotum if you are going to caress the scrotum. I have noticed a huge increase in sensation with the hubby. Good to experiment.


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Choose the right guy to submit to. By being the right woman.

I have submitted to the wrong guys. Because I was trying to escape my feministic mothers.I wanted a guy to save me and I chose all the wrong places. I wasn’t getting anywhere. That was 6 years ago. There was a 3 year period in my life where I was just searching and experimenting. Did what I wanted and it didn’t work. During those times it was the first and LAST! time I ever drank. And it was ONLY THE ALCOHOL THAT GOT ME INTO TROUBLE! I don’t need a single drop because i gave up need for control and soberly giving up my inhibitions one step at a time. submission has saved my mental and emotional health.

If you are going to pick the right guy. You need to become the right girl. Virtue attracts virtue. You can’t escape that.

I made a list of the things I wanted in myself and a man as soon as I left that 3 year period behind.

My List for myself
0. What I have learned now Submission in all things including sex. (I’m married. so it’s okay now) keeps me emotional stable, happy and feel like I’m owned belonging as an asset.

1. Be strong in my mind and emotions. I choose how I think and feel.
(No drugs, medications, cigarettes, or alcohol etc)
2. Healthy, thin, beautiful, constant energy and die as an old woman
3. Willing to Change and learn despite it being uncomfortable
4. Financial intelligence
5. Support my husband in whatever career option he chose.
6. My dreams are flexible
7. Servicing, kind, gentle believes everyone has enormous potential and treat them as such
8. Understanding
9. Fun
10. No foul language and use proper words and intelligence in describing and communicating with others.
11. I do not argue. Ever
12. Not physically aggressive
13. Solution oriented
14 patient in the growing process of myself and others especially my husband
15 do not believe in divorce

My list for him
1. He needs to have goals and dreams
2. Knows what he wants
3. Believes in marriage and commitment as well as the people he associates with
4. Willing to change and grow
5. No drugs alcohol medications etc.
6. No foul language
7. Book reader. “Readers are leaders”
8. No arguing
9.cares about his health and looks.
10. Not physically aggressive
11. Believes everyone has enormous potential and treats them as such.
13. Solution oriented.
14 patient in my growing process.
15. Does not believe in divorce.

The most important aspect in choosing someone is that they are willing to change and grow. And wanted to become the things on the llist. No matter their past. And that they have shown it. It’s easy to know then, through a persons weaknesses and shortcomings; that they are growing.

The second most important thing. Is drugs, medications, alcohol, bad eating habits. This makes a relationship VERY VERY UNPREDICTABLE!!! It means mental weakness.

Another sign of mental weakness is foul language. If a person cannot be strong enough to search for words to explain them self, it’s a clue in their lack of ability to search for solutions.

Proper communication is essential for getting what you want. It’s a turn off for people in high places with many resources who could help your man or you, but don’t because of bad language.

Third most important thing is people skills. Agreeable and doesn’t choose to argue if they are right. If a person is right they don’t need to argue. It’s a turn off for people in high places with many resources who could help your man or you, but don’t because of bad people skills

Fourth, commitment. Does he take ownership over the ones who emotionally invest in him.

A man does take care if his assets.
If you are rebellious and un submissive. You are a liability not an asset.

I’m getting everything I have ever dreamed of as soon as I surrendered to him. That is where my fairy tale ending and happily ever after is. THIS WHOLE TIME! We would have been in very different circumstances now if I knew then what I knew now. But, it’s on the way now and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. My patience is the greatest it’s ever been and increasing. Such an important aspect for humanity.

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Dear viewers

I have recently been going through all my posts and putting them into categories.

You will probably be quite intrigued by the sexuality category because that is where all our posts of our 165 days of daily sex are.

This is where we learned and came to the beginning of our conclusion that default “yes” submission and giving my power over to my husband was the answer to EVERYTHING! We have tried everything else plus daily sex and everything else failed except for this! We have never had such dramatic results because if my default yes submission than from this weekend at a business conference. We learned so much this weekend!



I look forward to writing! After all my responsibilities to my husband have been done! He comes first! I love you Mr. Darling!

Enjoy a sample of the 165 days. It was randomly picked!

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How to undo micro management

A man doesn’t micro manage if he has a submissive wife. Micro managing only happens when his subordinate – or wife – or kids don’t do as he asks them to do.

A man doesn’t want to micro manage, because it hinders him from doing the other things in life that’s important to him. Micro managing is the only way to get people into submission, unless there are other options. Most often men don’t feel there are. That is changing

A man with options doesn’t micro manage – he just finds someone who will do the job.

A woman who does what her man says is submissive. When she doesn’t she is not submissive. Give and receive. Generally, if you fight the man against his wishes he’ll fight back buy being controlling. He really DOESN’T WANT TO. It’s exhausting to try to maintain order that way.

If your man is micro managing and you want him to stop. Remember the rule give a fight, receive a fight. Give your up your freedom and receive your freedom.

Flip the coin. Start calling him about everything and be sincere. Then he’ll start telling you to make the decisions yourself because he doesn’t want to be bothered thinking about that stuff. Remember a woman’s role is to be a follower of the husband and a leader to the children. A man’s role is to be a follower of truth and a leader to his family who delegates leadership to the woman. This is how we were emotionally, chemically, genetically created to receive fulfillment and happiness. And that’s the way it is.

Truth is only self evident when applied.

Results only come with consistency and time.

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To love or not to love

A woman can only feel love if she desires the person she makes love to. A man is only desirable if all women want to be with him and all men want to be like him. But, for the women, that love can only come if she sees him as or makes him more valuable than her. She can do this by sacrificing her own pleasures comforts for his. The only things we treasure in life are not the free things but things we worked/sacrificed for.

Happy man=happy wife= happy life.

When the woman places the mans value above her own; this is the only way to gain her attraction to him.

Women do not make love to friends. Friends are equal. A man who is a lover; the women thinks his needs thoughts and work is more important than her. The man has higher value because she serves him. We are in love and owned by those we serve.

Betas are and gives things for free.

Alphas do not give for free. They set conditions. There is a job description. Sorry ladies nothing in this world is free. There is always a price.

If women didn’t make love to betas this riddle would be easy to see.

A woman’s peace/sanity is the reward for her submission. Secondary rewards are food, clothing, shelter. Third rewards are luxuries.

A women’s un-submissions is paid back to her through insanity/torment and fear. This governs her life. Leaving her unwanted,un-provided, un-protected and alone/rejected/cast out. The only constant thing in her life is her addictions and fear. FEARFUL OF RISK. Her “safety” is dependent on things REMAINING THE SAME. CHANGE AND RISK IS UNSAFE TO HER.

Therefore her master is fear, she serves it and does what it tells her to!

A women’s heart is where her submission is. She is owned by the person or thing she takes orders from.

If sex and relationships is not easy or simple to you. You are either a feminist or a beta.

Simplicity is complicated and overlooked to those who are un-submissive to truth.

By small and simple things shall great things come to pass.

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What are we waiting for?

Today women are waiting for men to be perfect before they submit. The fact is that he won’t become perfect UNLESS she submits.

If men are to take control they need to discipline un-submissive behavior. By taking away her luxuries and not allow her to govern HIS time, HIS resources and money. When he does this she becomes a child again.

” Who’s your daddy?”.

That’s the whole point of fathers walking their daughters down the aisle! The father passes his roles and responsibilities to the to be husband. The New Father; The future (husband). He now owns the daughter. He is her disciplinary, protector, provider, sexual fulfill-er and leader. Men just need to highly reward submissiveness.

Definitions of father



3. Any male ancestor, especialy the founder of a race family, or line; progenitor
4. A man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider
5. A person who has originated or established something

I told my husband yesterday that I’m requesting that he gives me (in the nearby future) a post-nuptial agreement. To cement and procure my 100% submission.

To be continued

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Submission diaries, submission brings your husband respect from others

We went to a small gathering for a birthday part yesterday. I’ve adopted the philosophy that “men come first”. I applied myself at this party here is what happened and the results.

My husband and I entered the room. I went before him and found the best seat and offered it to him. I found him a glass of water and gave it to him. I engaged in conversation. I kept myself busy but stayed by his side.

The room became full so i decided to sit at his feet on the floor. I let my upper body rest on his legs while my torso was snuggled between his shins and i sat with legs to my side.

Food was being passed around finally, after an hour+ I was given a bowl which i then gave to my husband. His mother said to him, shouldn’t she get that first? she has a habit of correcting me sometimes and him. I said no, in my world the man come first. There had been prior discussions between him and her about relationship dynamics. She didn’t like that what i said to her though

At one point he was talking to his brother. His brother told him to go fetch the bible so that they could discuss something. He told me to go get it. I happily did. I love to. His brother didn’t like it so much and rebuked him.

I sat at my masters feet for the first part of the gathering. A girl from slovakia commented “it’s so nice to see a couple so in love”. I asked her what made her think that. She said, ” you are affectionate with each other, you make funny, and the way that you look at each other”.

Later on a high status lawyer; that we have known before my husband and i got married; became intrigue in my husband in a way that he never had been. And started asking my husband questions about his business life etc.

Later on I sat at the feet of the slovakian girl. We had been discussing with her about how my husband and I met. I had told her that if it wasn’t for the lawyer helping out i probably wouldn’t have been married to mr. darling. The woman was curious about me while the lawyer was explaining the timeline and he said “yeah the first time we met, you were kind of la la la girl and now your like the perfect little housewife”

It’s amazing how submission changes the way that people look at the man and the woman.