House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Her innocence

I’m no longer very active on this website. Sometimes I will post things. Cause there is more flow.   I’m at I’m only here in consideration to take this website off the web. I keep changing my mind. Cause I don’t know.  This website is a public journal of everything that went on in my mind so that others can put the puzzle pieces of my mind together and see a bigger picture. Since I was searching for clarity and understanding of myself, men and women.

The crap that monogamy has caused is an insurmountable surprise. I continually find myself at the conclusion that monogamy is at the heart of all emotional un-fulfillment. That emotional un-fulfillment is the secondary cause to all horrible things that plague this earth. And monogamy the primary  cause.

That the key to happiness is understanding FEMININITY.  For men to understand the woman. That it is carnal and wild. Finding ways to keep her balanced naturally without force, fear, and restrictions is our whole purpose.

Woman are constantly looking for happiness, to feel they have power and confused as at to what it looks like or how to get it. That feeling she wants so bad. Some think they know what it is. They fight and work for it. But continually find that their heart and emotional freedom get locked down by more and more cages. Always filled with fear, confusion and desparation. Turning them into inferiority complexes of anger and I know it all. Constantly changing her mind with many focuses “maybe this is it or that” and can’t for the life of her, believe that the solution could be so simple. In her burden state it’s never simple it’s always complicated.

Simply fulfilling her emotional needs gives way to clarity, sexuality, beauty and power everything she ever wanted to feel.

It’s not man’s power it doesn’t look like mans power, it’s women’s power. It is opposite to mans power. It is in the things we cannot see. Our beauty and sexuality in the correct place.  And it is trapped by all the weight we carry. All the things we do or don’t get to do.

3 girls in love

May it bring peace and understanding.

That is all I want.