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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Keeping her with confidence

A post I wrote on my main blog,

Here is a short version of what has happened…… 
Found a woman in Portugal while we were enjoying our vacation. It’s not over with her. Just taking longer than expected. Sexually involved with husband and I. Was about to move in with us. She Told her mother. Her mother took her to a psychologist. ­čś│ 
She was certain of joining our family before she told her mother. All of this happened within 3 months. 
Needless to say she is head over heels for husband. However burden ( demanding job) (secrets from her past) AND her mother have temporarily gotten in the way. 
Not only does she suffer from her secrets, but not worthy syndrome and fear of herself. 
We learned to NEVER let me get emotionally involved with another woman AT ALL. Until we are dead certain that it’s the right time. 
We learned that for men, ┬íCONFIDENCE! IS KEY! THE ULTIMATE OF ALL THINGS. IT HAS TO BE REAL CONFIDENCE (not just words) In order to keep a woman. While still living by honest and integral standards. 
A woman will NEVER leave a man that is confident, even during mistakes and huge failure. 
Mindset a man should have, I can fix this, I can figure this out, there is a solution and it ALL depends ON ME. 
WOMEN get drunk off men’s confidence. It’s the weirdest thing, but it makes them feel like queen’s.