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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

The woman

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What I have learned since this blog.

Her Innocence

In the first blog of this website I talked about feminine and masculine. I’m going to try my best to explain now, the woman. I’ll explain our designed behavior and what happens when we are burdened and suppressed. Everything we tried, failed. Especially, what we now know as burdened woman tactics (force, fear and emotional blackmail) for the man to instill patriarchy. All prior, actively used, philosophies left so many conflicts, confusion and questions.

Except for this new philosophy.

This philosophy will ultimately work in 3 wife polygyny. If the man overcomes his feminine characteristics, beliefs etc.

For it to work, indifference from the man plays a key role. He must also play as mediator between the women. Lastly the environment must be conducive to womens nature and emotional needs. Men and women are designed to be extreme opposites. In role and belief systems. Yin and yang. Yet sexually…

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Not sure that when I transition from private to public again, that my post will show up in the reader. So, posting again. I have relocated to I will reblog this post here and there. To make sure all have seen.

IF you want to keep up to date at where i’m at. These posts will help. Otherwise, you’ll be like whaaaa?

The posts

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3 The two philosophies, Masculine and Feminine
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4 Amazing 3 wife polygyny
5 What makes polygyny work?

I am pro choice. Against force, fear, emotional blackmail, suppression, and burden because it eventually killed my sexuality. I Wasn’t able to be submissive longterm, by my own choice, desire or even by will as time passed. My emotions became stronger than habit and even choice. I had no choice. My emotions ruled over me. When my emotions were fixed, THEN, I NATURALLY, became submissive. We discovered that women are only obedient to their emotions. So, my husband has learned and still learning how to naturally get my emotions to worship him. Our previous tactics were causing me to hate him secretly, want to avoid him, making me VERY EMOTIONALLY UN-STABLE AND CRAZY. I was dying inside and didn’t feel I existed. i tried to tell my mind, that how I felt wasn’t important. My emotions on the other hand were screaming, angry, and fighting to live. My emotions became stronger. They were starting to take over and all i saw was red. We decided to stop, to protect myself from myself, each other and our family. I was having to fight evil thoughts that my emotions were creating.

Now everything is better. Im blessedly happy. We found the longterm solutions and the answers we needed for me as an emotional creature. My sexuality came back better than, prior and during house wife sexuality blog.