House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Protecting innocent bystanders….

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For men, It’s harder to understand why submission is such a big deal…and why women NEED it. I have noticed over a long period of time that no matter how innocent a QUESTION is… these feelings arise in me……even though they mean well, AND i know they do

I get stressed




I have come to realize that i cannot have questions asked of me.


Well, when someone requires of me…. they become a master.

Me answering is submitting. I only submit to one person….. my husband.

You make think this weird but, my feelings do not lie to me. Over the 8th month + period of having a blog

these feelings come to me every single time someone requires from me, that is not my husband or children.

It highly disrupts my family and how I treat the ones closest to me.

So, for the sake of the observer or commentor, whom i wish to be kind to; and the sake of my family.

I will remove comments. I don’t want these feelings to interfere with my bloggers self esteem, mine and my family.

This is plainly cause and effect observed over a long period of time.

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Author: House-wife sexuality 3 girls in love movement Restoring emotional fulfillment and Personal identity Through emotional freedom Physical freedom Freedom of speech At the moment everyone in the world has physical freedom but what we all definitely don’t have emotional freedom. Secondarily they do not have freedom of speech especially if it is not conducive to beliefs of those in the limelight and the mainstream cattle herd.

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