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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Research and kegals

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I’m currently gathering information on a new post. It’s quite intense and people are going to relate.

But, while I’m gathering information I’m working on my sexuality again but, with a new perspective and motivation. After we have uncovered the basics it’s given me peace. Peace knowing that it has become simple. No longer complicated. I know what the next step is according to the basics.

The thing is I know need to awaken the mind a muscle coordination between my love muscles and my brain. Kegals!

Back to this again because it’s ACTUALLY THE NEXT STEP. The love muscle’s act as a pump to transfer sexual energy from genital > mind > body. There is an actual electric or bioelectric connection that happens between the sex organs. I have actually receive small electric shocks from Mr.Darling. During intercourse and handling his penis. This is a new phenomenon at this level. Before it was the closest metaphor I could describe our sex sometimes. But, it’s real.

Sexual healing is real!

But, without control over the love muscle’s I cannot heal myself!

You know what’s funny! They actually have kegal exercises apps on the I phone. Which we will invest in. Haha

Kegals will also help me have more control over my natural birth delivery!

They are that powerful!


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