House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Why you are perfect only when you are growing and changing for the better

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Perfection only exists in a state of growth

If you are progressing towards something you ARE that thing, because at some point you will reach it.

The fact is life continues after this which means that there is an endless amount of things to learn. Which means there is no such thing as an end destination when it comes to learning and developing.

Which means that every end brings a new beginning.

The only main attributes that humanity needs are: submission, willingness to change and action.

To explain those thoroughly. Submission: means to be open to receive information no matter how uncomfortable. Willingness to change: Means acceptance of truth and willing to do it. Action: Means applying what has been learned with a follow through until it has been achieved and assimilated as a part of your nature.

God=truth=behavior and ways of living that can last eternally IN harmony. Now saying that;

The order of submission: Men submit to truth, women submit to men of truth, children submit to the father who delegates leadership to the woman.


Author: House-wife sexuality 3 girls in love movement Restoring emotional fulfillment and Personal identity Through emotional freedom Physical freedom Freedom of speech At the moment everyone in the world has physical freedom but what we all definitely don’t have emotional freedom. Secondarily they do not have freedom of speech especially if it is not conducive to beliefs of those in the limelight and the mainstream cattle herd.

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