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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Choose the right guy to submit to. By being the right woman.

I have submitted to the wrong guys. Because I was trying to escape my feministic mothers.I wanted a guy to save me and I chose all the wrong places. I wasn’t getting anywhere. That was 6 years ago. There was a 3 year period in my life where I was just searching and experimenting. Did what I wanted and it didn’t work. During those times it was the first and LAST! time I ever drank. And it was ONLY THE ALCOHOL THAT GOT ME INTO TROUBLE! I don’t need a single drop because i gave up need for control and soberly giving up my inhibitions one step at a time. submission has saved my mental and emotional health.

If you are going to pick the right guy. You need to become the right girl. Virtue attracts virtue. You can’t escape that.

I made a list of the things I wanted in myself and a man as soon as I left that 3 year period behind.

My List for myself
0. What I have learned now Submission in all things including sex. (I’m married. so it’s okay now) keeps me emotional stable, happy and feel like I’m owned belonging as an asset.

1. Be strong in my mind and emotions. I choose how I think and feel.
(No drugs, medications, cigarettes, or alcohol etc)
2. Healthy, thin, beautiful, constant energy and die as an old woman
3. Willing to Change and learn despite it being uncomfortable
4. Financial intelligence
5. Support my husband in whatever career option he chose.
6. My dreams are flexible
7. Servicing, kind, gentle believes everyone has enormous potential and treat them as such
8. Understanding
9. Fun
10. No foul language and use proper words and intelligence in describing and communicating with others.
11. I do not argue. Ever
12. Not physically aggressive
13. Solution oriented
14 patient in the growing process of myself and others especially my husband
15 do not believe in divorce

My list for him
1. He needs to have goals and dreams
2. Knows what he wants
3. Believes in marriage and commitment as well as the people he associates with
4. Willing to change and grow
5. No drugs alcohol medications etc.
6. No foul language
7. Book reader. “Readers are leaders”
8. No arguing
9.cares about his health and looks.
10. Not physically aggressive
11. Believes everyone has enormous potential and treats them as such.
13. Solution oriented.
14 patient in my growing process.
15. Does not believe in divorce.

The most important aspect in choosing someone is that they are willing to change and grow. And wanted to become the things on the llist. No matter their past. And that they have shown it. It’s easy to know then, through a persons weaknesses and shortcomings; that they are growing.

The second most important thing. Is drugs, medications, alcohol, bad eating habits. This makes a relationship VERY VERY UNPREDICTABLE!!! It means mental weakness.

Another sign of mental weakness is foul language. If a person cannot be strong enough to search for words to explain them self, it’s a clue in their lack of ability to search for solutions.

Proper communication is essential for getting what you want. It’s a turn off for people in high places with many resources who could help your man or you, but don’t because of bad language.

Third most important thing is people skills. Agreeable and doesn’t choose to argue if they are right. If a person is right they don’t need to argue. It’s a turn off for people in high places with many resources who could help your man or you, but don’t because of bad people skills

Fourth, commitment. Does he take ownership over the ones who emotionally invest in him.

A man does take care if his assets.
If you are rebellious and un submissive. You are a liability not an asset.

I’m getting everything I have ever dreamed of as soon as I surrendered to him. That is where my fairy tale ending and happily ever after is. THIS WHOLE TIME! We would have been in very different circumstances now if I knew then what I knew now. But, it’s on the way now and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. My patience is the greatest it’s ever been and increasing. Such an important aspect for humanity.


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The truth of beautiful creatures

The truth of a woman’s submission is all in how she speaks about her man. She is only submissive if she looks up to him. None of this, “I love my husband but, he is an average Joe Shmoe.” While she speaks highly and excitedly of other men or her God. I have come across many pro submissive women and there is something missing when she speaks about her husband.
Her description of him falls short of the target. It’s very sad. If she doesn’t look up to him, then who will?

Many only talk about his weakness or shortcomings. And “the wee lamb” is improving. Or weak because he’s not a “man of god”. Men only believe there is a god when their is true innocence and need for masculinity from men. How could he create a creature that doesn’t need me? This is the hatred seething just above his untapped potential because of women.

A true beautiful creature; a grown woman with a child like nature. Open, receiving, inviting, tender, with intrigue and curiosity in her eyes. An unearthly softness that he must ask, “Can such a creature exist?” Her frailty gives him no choice but, to be a man because she cannot do it for herself.

Such a creature would elicit fond words of affection from him. These would not harm his value because no matter what he did she would look up to him. Because he completes her…and she cannot make it without him.

This is what I feel is missing from the blogs I read.

I wait patiently to read of where both cannot contain the passion that flows between them. I patiently wait until words become action. Only education and time can cure the empty spaces.

I need my husband. Very much. I would be nothing without him. If he hadn’t overlooked my past…would I have given up on myself because of my ignorance? I don’t know but thank goodness he believed in forgiveness and saw my potential and desire to improve. Willing to do whatever he said (not sex) to get him. A woman is most valuable if she will submit in everything til death does she part/ beyond and not for a one night stand. That is the truth breaker, that is eternal value.

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Sexuality basics

If you have read the final sex secret then this will make more sense.

1. Submission
2. The need to perform and work for her sexuality. All the man needs to do is show interest and approval.
3 Once 1 and 2 are in place. Next is KEGELS.

ALOT of woman complain they don’ feel much. They also , find it hard to work up what they do feel. KEGELS! 😀 😀

Check this app out! Excitement! You know how puppies get really excited and their whole backside wags! Yeah this is that awesome.

This will help you be consistent on too of your hubby reminding you!

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