House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Never negotiate with terrorists

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The wicked will destroy the wicked. The wicked don’t like to be corrected or put in their place. They love to argue.

Truth always puts them in their place. They will hate you for it.

So, if you know you are dealing with a fighter say ” I understand”. Nothing more. They will use lies and emotional blackmail to shoot you down and win.

Never negotiate with a terrorist. That includes getting married to one.
They will break their promise and blow you up.


Author: House-wife sexuality 3 girls in love movement Restoring emotional fulfillment and Personal identity Through emotional freedom Physical freedom Freedom of speech At the moment everyone in the world has physical freedom but what we all definitely don’t have emotional freedom. Secondarily they do not have freedom of speech especially if it is not conducive to beliefs of those in the limelight and the mainstream cattle herd.

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