House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Never negotiate with terrorists

The wicked will destroy the wicked. The wicked don’t like to be corrected or put in their place. They love to argue.

Truth always puts them in their place. They will hate you for it.

So, if you know you are dealing with a fighter say ” I understand”. Nothing more. They will use lies and emotional blackmail to shoot you down and win.

Never negotiate with a terrorist. That includes getting married to one.
They will break their promise and blow you up.


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Poem from Evan Sanders


It’s never too late

to be who you might have been

You’ve failed hundreds of times

to accomplish this dream

But because you failed forward

you have made progress

Just remember

even a broken clock is right twice a day

There will be pain

There will be joy

and yet both of them will pass

Motivation will come

both externally

and internally

But you must have something greater to keep going

A belief

A beat as in tune with the song that plays within your chest

That rhythm must never fade

It must never skip a beat

For there are too many things in this life that can take your focus or attention

But the thump must always be heard and answered to

Every day

for the rest of your life

Because when you die

all of your dreams die with you

and you will forever hold the regret or joy of failing or accomplishing them

So struggle through

Nothing worth it is easy unfortunately

That’s just how it all pans out

Cry through it

Yell through it

Crumble and rise

But you must always go through it

– Evan Sanders


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The curse of the alpha women

The curse the alpha women.

photoInstead of the man building and gathering resources needed to have a debt free family, he spends all of them to make her happy. Buying flowers, gifts, excessive material goods (clothes) and play things. This is how she throws herself into poverty and debt. He’s such a nice husband and serves her with all his  heart. He’s trying so hard to please her but, the more he does, the more she suffocates. You can’t do much on little oxygen. The kids and cleaning become too much. Then there are the financial problems that they fight about because she sucks everything from him in her desperate attempt to fill the emptiness inside. No matter how much he does stuff for her, the more unhappy she is and the more they argue. Then she feels she needs to work because she is drowning and suffocating at home from all the pressure she feels from the beta husband, kids and lack of money. She ends up not wanting more kids or aborts them. She refuses to have sex with him. All this is an attempt to “save” her marriage (herself).  Either they live this way emotionally divorced. Or she gets a real divorce. She tells all her friends that marriage is a sham.

Happy wife happy life leaves her to wonder how to make him a man !! Why does he disgust her? What am I suppose to do? She doesn’t know how to get PEACE!!

Her real purpose is to serve HIM!  She earns all the things she could ever desire by submitting to his desires, building his goals and dreams. Happy husband, happy wife. This is WHERE she finds PEACE. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

The husband is the head of the wife, Period! – Pat Robertson

3 3/4 YEARS OF MY MARRIED LIFE I WAS EXPERIENCING THIS suffocation feeling, emptiness and restlessness. I maintained control compared to what I experienced growing up and the other women around me. Because I’m SUPER ANTI-DIVORCE and ANTI-CONTENTION.  We never fought or argued but, i felt i was constantly disappointed in him. Every time he said that he was going to DO IT (create business momentum) I never believed him. I was starting to lose faith in his capacity to provide, protect and lead our family. I was turned off to wanting sex or rocking it in the bedroom. I never worked out of the home or put my kids in barnehage. But, it’s was soooooo tempting! Not anymore!!!! I would rather die than do that!

I was the one controlling him! And the more I controlled his time the less he spent on our business. My un-submission was me wanting my husband to spend time with me all the time because i thought that that was the problem in my parents 2 divorces. It was also me buying the things that were practical and expensive for my sanity, to keep the house clean and in order. Because i had so little capacity, i was striving so hard  to do less and clean less in the home.

These last 2 months EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED; Once we started applying our selves in our proper roles. This is the only time that we have disagreed or have had heated discussions; as we got out of our comfort zone and adopted new behaviors. Letting go of what doesn’t work and grabbing hold of what lasts forever.


NOW IT  CONTINUES TO FOLLOW THE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH CURVE. I have greater capacity and emotional stability. He now has control over himself for the business and our financial freedom.

images (4)

A confident husband is a happy husband. A confident husband is a man with a wife who desires him sexually and obsesses about having sex with him every day.

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What is really happening to Miley Cyrus

A comment i made on a lovely post by Lindsay leigh ….

It’s so nice that your striving to be understanding of Miley Cyrus. Thank you! I feel sorry for her because she is obviously not happy and suffering in order to act like that. Otherwise she wouldn’t, why would she? I’m going to do some more research on her to see if her parents are divorced. She was also once engaged or wanted by an alpha male. Often times women in these environments have sex because parents are unable to maintain control. My hypothesis is that the girls who act like this have been sexually rejected. Because they have so much money and power that they unconsciously lose their need for the man. What is he gonna do that she can’t do? They end up not being wanted and why????? I’m beautiful, i’m rich i have so many talents!!!!!! Why will a guy not commit to me??????? She can’t submit herself to someone who is below her. She needs a guy that can lead her; that she can follow. A man that can do things better for her than she can do for herself. A woman wants to be desired by someone desirable. And all the men in her area are desirable AND ALPHA but, why is she not being desired. Thank you for your post!!!! (in addition) I believe that her lack of being desired is her lack of submissive and feminine behavior! She acts like this on her video because she wants to be desired. Men with morals love sexual creatures but only behind closed doors. This is her desperate attempt to get back what she lost (her fiance) or to overcompensate her sexual rejection and to prove that she is desirable. The fact all of her behavior does the exact opposite!

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Sexual Submission. What to work towards. REMEMBER: The right goals+ time = your ideal dream

  • Sexually attractive
  1. Excercise: Walking for 20-30 miles in a week every week…..Listen to- The number #1 health, sex and wieght loss secret with Dr. Runels ( *its the third one on the list in the website
  2. Strive to Eat healthy: The new eating pyramid;

You can not be perfect now, Just set right goal and grow everyday through time.