House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Daily sex, sex day 162. I’m gonna get ya! >D

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Today my husband acted like he was busy and aloof with his work. Which i’m sure he really was but, at the same time i’m sure he was intrigued at what i had up my sleeve. In order to get him to have sex with me. In my mind all I heard was get him to have sex with me. In his mind it was seduction. So, this is how I tried to ‘seduce” him.

He was naked. Walking past the bed. I push him on to the bed. He tries to escape. I grab a hold of him and start to wrestle with him trying to put him into grip locks. It worked. I’m quite strong. It was working. I was able to get him to stay on the bed and touch his penis a few times but, other than that. Then I thought this isn’t really feminine. So, I let go and he go sits on his chair. Then I tried to lead him by the hand. Wouldn’t budge. So, then I dragged him by the hand until he played the limp body trick. Then he was on all fours. I climbed on him with his head in between my legs and my head at his butt with my arms around his loin clothe section. I grabbed his penis and start giving him a hand job. He grabbed a hold of my legs and stood up. I was hanging on his back upside down with my hands around loin clothe section stimulating his penis while he was standing. He walked around a bit while both of us were in hysterical laughter. He finally came to the bed and did a sit down position and did a backwards roll while I was still attache we did a summersault together and when we came out of it was magical how it just flowed haha. He got away and sat back in his chair. I tried other attempts and it got to the point where i just thought ill give him oral. He read my thoughts and hid his penis in between his legs. He looked like a woman!!!  So, I just dove my head in his crotch and stuck my tongue out, stiff like. I found the top of his penis. “OH,THERE IT IS I EXCLAIMED!”, with laughter and excitment. His legs were crossed so i was able to have other access. So, with my head in his crotch i reached my hand under his thigh and found the penis skin. I started playing with it, tugging. Then I got serious and started pushing his penis up so that I could use my mouth as a sucker and suck up his penis like a vacuum. IT WORKED! I started laughing and giggling while I had his penis in my mouth! He like that because of the vibrations. Then he got hard I mounted. He tried to resist by squeezing his legs together. Making his penis shorter and harder for me to mount. maha.  His penis got the biggest its ever gotten, today!  after that we moved to the bed and had sex.  Today was one of the funnest days of sex ever. I’ve had one other but, each are different in there awesomeness.


Author: House-wife sexuality 3 girls in love movement Restoring emotional fulfillment and Personal identity Through emotional freedom Physical freedom Freedom of speech At the moment everyone in the world has physical freedom but what we all definitely don’t have emotional freedom. Secondarily they do not have freedom of speech especially if it is not conducive to beliefs of those in the limelight and the mainstream cattle herd.

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