House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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A new chapter

I went on a little vacation. During that vacation Mr.darling and i learned that sex everyday needed to stop. We had learned everything we needed to learn. The key to our sexuality wasn’t to continue to have sex everyday after our last day. But, the key was for my arousal. The key is my desire for my husband. Having sex everyday started to take away my desire because i wasn’t able to build it. So now, the key is my submission to my husband and allow him to be the man and for me to desire him more than he desires me


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Daily sex day # 165 Part 2. Continued from; “Think before I speak huh?”


It took him a while to forgive me. It was about 10 pm that we started to touch romantically. I missed him because we hadn’t spoken for a while. I also just wanted this to finish and get patched up quickly. We had two misunderstandings in one day. We reconciled just before 10. Today he was feeling the same way I did on day number 158 (The breakdown). He really didn’t want to make love to me and was resistent in the beginning. Fake crying (haha)while I was nibbling his ear and loving his face with kisses. He was also making “garrrrr” noises in protest to my advances. But,…. we both knew; without doubt, that we were committed to daily sex. A goal is a goal, a promises is a promises, integrity is integrity. No matter how you feel. INNER BATTLE. Moral and integrity v.s Wanting to. DO THE THING AND YE SHALL HAVE THE POWER. There is nothing more important than fixing the deepest part of the relationship. ASAP!

I wanted to be on top. He didn’t want me to be. I protested, he hushed me and over ruled it. It was his turn to forgive me intimately by making advancements and giving love to me. So, I was on bottom and grabbed his penis. Started baaack and forth, baaaack and forth. He said, “I think it is going to take a while to get him up.” In my head i’m thinking “oh yeah? just watch” To his surprise he was erected in 2 to 5 mins. haha

I tried for at least 10 to 15 mins to get him to enter me. He kept playing keep away. ahah it was exciting and fun! We were sexually plaaying, awwwwwwwww.

I ended up on top. I was very turned on and desirous. He slid in..finally. hehe and it was very lovely and fulfilling. It was right again. I love this man beyond! I knew that if we had more time i would have reached pre orgasm and simmered there. We finally agreed that since he is getting up at 4 in the morning, (now 12 am) It was time for bed. We cuddled a lot. Sleep took over.

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Daily sex day # 164. The day before I opened my big mouth

We had sex to the point that it hurt. I want nothing more than my husbands pleasure. I also want nothing more to be submissive (go along with his plan, pleasures etc) He was having his way today and he just wanted to have pleasure because he held himself back many times because he didn’t want to ruin our sex episodes usually by taking all the pleasure, attention and focus.But today it was different. I let him go a little too far. He likes taking me hard. I like it too. At the right times. This day I was struggling to get into sex so he did it his way fast, or slow . Then it came to the point where He was pounding me hard. So, hard that I was crying because it hurt. He stopped. He praised me enormously for my efforts in submission. Letting him have it his way. And for just wanting to improve. He told me I should tell him when it hurts. And we both decided that sex isn’t enjoyable if your hurting the person. We ended cuddling and he caressed my genitals soothingly and ended on a good and happy note.

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Think before I speak, huh? Inside a man’s brain. What not to say.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER tell a man when he is turning you off – unless you actually never desire him to approach you EVER EVER EVER again!

Always always always always tell a man when he is turning you on, and what it is that turns you on – if you want to be laid by him!

I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m in a condition of believing/thinking everything I do does not turn on my wife! It’s VERY VERY VERY IRRATIONAL THOUGHT!! But remember that we are not rational human beings!

It’s not true because I have turned her on MANY MANY MANY MANY times, including times when she has gotten vaginal orgasms, and other times when she has been really wet and desirous for my penis! I DO turn on my wife; it’s just that right now I see through a ‘fogged up glass’, with little to no perspective on the objective circumstance!

Of course there are things I have done in the past, and might be doing now also that turns her off – but that can always be fixed! I can eradicate it from my sexual advances, I can tone it down a notch, & i can find other ways to let her know I desire her. There’s a lot of things I can do – just remember, THERE’s ALWAYS A SOLUTION!


You are on your way to sexual mastery, and you will learn all there is to turning ANY woman on; simply by your face, your voice, your eyes, your body movement, your words, your smile, your touch – ANY woman!

I could have very easily passed up the criticism with: Mrs darling, come on. You cannot deny that it feels good to have my hard cock in your wet pussy!?!? Be honest! Come on!!!’

never ever let what any woman says even slightly tug on your self worth or self esteem or your ego – any one who puts someone down does not feel good about him or herself !

Obviously, right now, Mrs.darling does not feel good about herself, since she treats me like ‘s—‘, but that’s ok ! It’s only temporary! And it will not last forever! Mrs Darling loves me, likes me, respects me, and would never think, say or do anything that would kill my ego, ON PURPOSE! That’s like shooting yourself in the foot with a cannon, an arrow and a machine gun – ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Why?

Because a man whose woman disrespects him or belittles him will not want to serve her, reward her or care about her non so ever!

He will neither desire to work to provide for her, or her kids. He will basically distance himself from any further mental or emotional turmoil his wife might be causing, and she will suffer the consequences of not having food on the table, no hope for future progression, and a life vowed for misery and poverty ! Which woman would want that?

Please, Heavenly Father, help me to think, say and do the right things tonight – to forgive and forget – and improve continually the situation at hand – she never meant to hurt me – and I have to accept that with all my heart – and even though I have never felt THIS attacked before, it is only circumstantial! If she had told me this a couple of months ago, it might not have been a problem at all.

But because we had a huge discussion today about jealousy, and because I don’t feel good about myself in the first place because I haven’t gone out there and done the work at the right time today, and lack of oxygen and glucose to my brain because of lack of nutrition and food – that might have a slight curveball on the whole situation !

I’m grateful that I can think rationally if I just want to  –

I’m grateful for my wife! She is absolutely fantastic! She is loyal! She is very beautiful! She is desirous for progression continually! She loves kids, and wants to stay at home with them! She is highly sexual by nature, and it just has to be drawn out of her. She wants eternal life, and she wants to live the truth and do that which is right!

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Daily sex, day number 163


Today you are not going to know when we are going to have sex.

                     Mr Darling

We were on the bed ready to initiate coitus……When he suddenly jumped off the bed. Lets go for a run!”

  I’m like….


I started to question him… “aren’t we going to continue”? In my head i’m wondering “when else are we going to have sex?!” He said, “come.” I’ve been awesome at all of the submission stuff since I realized how important it was. I let him choose the speed which we ran. Also, we didn’t have sex until later that evening. Which I remembered quite well as fun. All other details are vague. However, I DO remember that just before bedtime he just stuck his hand in my vagina and started stimulating me haha. I couldn’t stop laughing. Just for the fact that I wanted to go to sleep and I had chosen to be submissive right. So, this whole battle of I want to sleep but, I should go with is (submissive); was going on inside. I was laughing hysterically. I was like i had short circuited……… to laughter!. Because of so much information running through my head. At the same I said, “I can’t believe this.” Also, while this happened: to my shocked surprise I was actually turned on by it. It FELT GOOD!!…….?? Most days I can’t help but laugheat his alpha male approaches. Because Im still learning how to respond and just go with it. Since, I am still in the process of submitting and still having to let go of past emotional associations and make new ones. Hence the laughing…New positive association input.

So, I’ve been super awesome at being submissive. I let him choose when to have sex, how we have sex, when he works how he works. Within boundaries of course don’t want him going in to self deception territory thinking I have endless amount of energy, or don’t have my own priorities. I must be treated with respect, importance, and value. I have feelings, desires, suggestions, and dreams too.  But, other than that I basically consented that…he owns me. I’m his here to serve him. Why else did I get married? My kids won’t listen to their father if I don’t and that is a big problem. If duplicated…Yikes.

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Daily sex, sex day 162. I’m gonna get ya! >D

Today my husband acted like he was busy and aloof with his work. Which i’m sure he really was but, at the same time i’m sure he was intrigued at what i had up my sleeve. In order to get him to have sex with me. In my mind all I heard was get him to have sex with me. In his mind it was seduction. So, this is how I tried to ‘seduce” him.

He was naked. Walking past the bed. I push him on to the bed. He tries to escape. I grab a hold of him and start to wrestle with him trying to put him into grip locks. It worked. I’m quite strong. It was working. I was able to get him to stay on the bed and touch his penis a few times but, other than that. Then I thought this isn’t really feminine. So, I let go and he go sits on his chair. Then I tried to lead him by the hand. Wouldn’t budge. So, then I dragged him by the hand until he played the limp body trick. Then he was on all fours. I climbed on him with his head in between my legs and my head at his butt with my arms around his loin clothe section. I grabbed his penis and start giving him a hand job. He grabbed a hold of my legs and stood up. I was hanging on his back upside down with my hands around loin clothe section stimulating his penis while he was standing. He walked around a bit while both of us were in hysterical laughter. He finally came to the bed and did a sit down position and did a backwards roll while I was still attache we did a summersault together and when we came out of it was magical how it just flowed haha. He got away and sat back in his chair. I tried other attempts and it got to the point where i just thought ill give him oral. He read my thoughts and hid his penis in between his legs. He looked like a woman!!!  So, I just dove my head in his crotch and stuck my tongue out, stiff like. I found the top of his penis. “OH,THERE IT IS I EXCLAIMED!”, with laughter and excitment. His legs were crossed so i was able to have other access. So, with my head in his crotch i reached my hand under his thigh and found the penis skin. I started playing with it, tugging. Then I got serious and started pushing his penis up so that I could use my mouth as a sucker and suck up his penis like a vacuum. IT WORKED! I started laughing and giggling while I had his penis in my mouth! He like that because of the vibrations. Then he got hard I mounted. He tried to resist by squeezing his legs together. Making his penis shorter and harder for me to mount. maha.  His penis got the biggest its ever gotten, today!  after that we moved to the bed and had sex.  Today was one of the funnest days of sex ever. I’ve had one other but, each are different in there awesomeness.