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Daily sex, day 133

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Mr Darlings note:

Last night! Wow!! I have to say! 🙂

WE WANT SEXUAL HEALING! And this weekend would be a great opportunity for growth! This was our chance!

We got my brother to take care of our soon to be 3 year old – he is a lovely handful! He went to their house Friday evening and we’re picking him up this Sunday morning. Freedom! Just for a short while! You mothers of children out there KNOW that you need time away some times! 😉

So we could have Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning for HEALING!

David shade : he says that you can heal clitoral dependency from what he calls ‘The Deep Spot’. This a spot that is far inside the vagina, at the roof. After turning the wife on (try ways other than the clitoris) reach in with the husband’s middle-finger reaching as far in as possible, (without his other fingers being an irritation for the wife) and very lightly stroke in a ‘come hither’ motion. This is similar to g-spot stimulation – yet it’s further in – and much lighter !

My wife didn’t like it much at first, because we hadn’t turned her on sufficiently, and she felt she had to pee the whole time with NO sensations of pleasure at all. And I couldn’t stroke at all it seemed without her being extremely uncomfortable!

But hey – you don’t stop / quit / or say it doesn’t work – without first having really tried something you want to have work for a consistent period of time!

Friday was ok – Saturday morning we slept in – so Saturday night was the deal!

After our little girl went to bed around 8pm, we got ready within 30-45 mins, and then we got started!

I actually did a good job this time turning my wife on – (been struggling with that for a few weeks) – by using my finger on her g-spot, and licking just above where I had my finger. She was on the bed, with her legs hanging outside the bed, while me kneeling by the side of the bed. Things always take time, but after a few short minutes, things were happening ! She moaned slightly, and desired to take it further! A husband always LOVES to see his wife being turned on! Even if it’s without his assistance, it’s a turn on – but imagine how It must feel when you bring in the man’s self confidence of him doing it into it all!!!! Powerful stuff!

It all started there – and after that the WORK started! Like seriously! WORK!!!!! A long night’s WOOOOOORRRRRK!!!

The best work there is in the world, but still work! We were at it for 6+ hours, and didn’t fall asleep before 03.30!!!!

And it wasn’t because it was AMAZING the whole time – it was because we refused to give up! We were gonna be persistent!

We got in a slight argument during the process several times, because I wasn’t doing it right, and mrs darlings tried to communicate it in a nice way, but also being irritated!! She was angry several times! But then she was liking it when it did work!

So you can imagine – trying to work as a team – communication problems – trying to do what turns her on when she’s angry, and only having my middle finger as a tool using no clitoris – only g-spot and deep spot stimulation!!!!!! Wow! Frustrating !!! But successful people live 90% of their time in FRUSTRATION MODE!! So guess what? We’re right on track!!!

Highlights from an eventful evening:

– mrs darlings being upset with me and criticizing my efforts, so I told her to try to stimulate herself – she didn’t hesitate to try, even though she has self pleasured alone only 5-6 times in her whole life! Lots while having sex, but very little very little alone! And I filmed it with my cell phone for kicks, since she didn’t need me – yes, it was a turn on! Absolutely! But without clitoral stimulation – (remember, she has been dependent for a while as we needed it for every sexual act for he pleasure) – she couldn’t take it to the top!
Somehow I’m glad that I’m needed, but also it would have been awesome to witness sexual self pleasure release too! Woohoo!

– learning three different finger strokes on the wifey – stimulation from under the clitoris to all the way to the deep spot! It works very well, and we have some more work to do – but this wasn’t enough today! Though she came to an 8 (if 10 is orgasm), irritation and tough communication was in the way! You have to remember that this lasted 6 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! And high up there pleasure was less then 5 % of that time!
Looking forward to try that again, because there were awesome things we leaned from it!

– approaching 3am, we tried something completely new – she turned on her belly side, and we totally focused on the deep spot from that position. This time, I had developed some experience of likes an dislikes, so it worked magically! To a certain point. The deep spot was beginning to bring forth fruit! She started moaning and groaning, swaying her butt in the air, and going from side to side. She loved it! It was soooo exciting! And we went up and up and up and up and up – now my penis was lubricating like crazy, because this was a HUGE turn on! My wife’s body was SOOOOO SEXY!!!! Her boobs had gotten bigger (because of milk development for the baby), so they were hanging down from her chest in round perfection! Her back was arched in the sexiest manner a woman can arch her back for more intense pleasure ! She was on her way to ecstacy …………… But remember – it was past 3am now…. We needed sleep! Even though I was so turned on, I had moments when my eyes would just close. I’m sure she did too. So pleasure came up and went down.. So eventually, I asked : should we go to sleep? She agreed.. So we embraced – had a couple of hot dogs, and went to bed –

The last 5 mins before sleep I was so excited!! It was breakthrough ! And I was soooooo in love with my wife! She has been so persistent! And so sexy!!! I actually wanted more again !

I love my wife!! It is truly only days away from sexual healing ! I can feel our efforts in showing up daily and consistently have compounded, and results are just around the corner ! At last, free at last- LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!


Author: House-wife sexuality 3 girls in love movement Restoring emotional fulfillment and Personal identity Through emotional freedom Physical freedom Freedom of speech At the moment everyone in the world has physical freedom but what we all definitely don’t have emotional freedom. Secondarily they do not have freedom of speech especially if it is not conducive to beliefs of those in the limelight and the mainstream cattle herd.

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