House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

That was then, this is now

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Then, Before we started daily sex. His and My behavior towards sex was, a duty, dreaded, how long is it going to go on for, I never initiated, I resented him for having all the pleasure, I resented him ejaculating so much, I despised that his ejaculation made him disinterested in me and unaffectionate, I despised his un productivity because of his ejaculation, it was hard to love him unconditionally, I nagged, back aches, we depended only on the clitoris, I hated oral sex, one position only, missionary style, he had to stimulate my clitoris because I felt it was a “sin”, I never had orgasms unless it was really forced, boredom, everything new was uncomfortable for me

Now, I enjoy the intimacy, I love being able to have sex more than 20 mins in a session, we can have sex up to two ours, I’m gaining more confidence as th days go by, it’s a mutual agreement, he respects my limitations and when I say stop he stops, I initiate sometimes when we already have had sex, I love oral more than ever, excited to try new things, adventurous, desire to improve faster, easier to do uncomfortable things, I’m close to having orgasmic control, stronger sexual muscles, I appreciate his ejaculation control soooo much, he his more productive and achieves more, he is happier and has more energy, my love for him is multiplying, I feel better about myself, I’m more physically flexible, easier to hold positions, on and on and on!!!!!!!!!


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