House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Daily sex, day# 123, 124, 125

So we are coming to a uphill again in our sex. The past three days.: Noticing correlations between oral and being turned on. And learning new things. Today i laughed a lot and i am very happy but, yet it lingers. My hubby and I had a heated discussion about everything that is not right and the fact is we came again to the conclusion to the fact that amazing sex will make us feel satisfied no matter what goes wrong no matter what is missing.

I know I can over come anything with research, experimenting and daily practice. Oh but, I’m battling off the thoughts of ” there is something seriously wrong with me” but, whenever people believe that voice, it’s always just before the magic happens. I feel like there is this HUGE wall! It makes me cry vast it feels. Like there is a long way to go. But, I know I can do it with time and enough pain that contributes to building my desire for the real thing. I can’t blame anyone because no one can change my thoughts except my self. I will freaking get there!

Things get the toughest just before break throughs. God give me strength, vision, courage and and openness that will help continue in a uplifting manner instead of a ” I’m just surviving”. I am happy because I know I will get there. I’ve set a goal. I will until! Just want penis and vagina sex. I want to be turned on because of my thoughts and not because I beat my clitoris numb. Just like that girl in the story. She only thought about stuff and she got wet. I want that.


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Daily sex, sex day # 122

Today’s sex, fun, lengthy 1hr 20m. Pleasurable and I highly enjoyed it. I was tighter in the vagina and my genitals were more engorged. I also later this evening decided to rub my nipples on our see through, glass shower door for fun: while my hubby sat on the toilet listening to business cd’s! I actually got a little turned on. It was a little uncomfortable. But these days I’m dipping my toe here and there outside my comfort zone. … So, I also squished my butt up to the shower door opening and closing it! Haha! Then I tried to squish my vagina up there (raised eyebrow) ……probably only be possible for highly flexible people

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Daily sex, day # 121

Sex, amazing today. I loved giving my hubby oral. His penis got super huge which I super love. His penis head became purple because he was so engorged. I find it so fascinating. I love sucking his balls when they are so smooth and vulnerable. I’m so happy that I can finally talk out my observations, findings, dislikes and likes. I love sex! Even though I have so much room to improve and it may seem like it’s arduous. It’s only been four months. One’s expectation is key. Like a person who wants to be a professional ballet dancer. Can I expect that from someone after four months???? Haha NO! So, my expectations are in the year(s) category. But, things do happen faster than expected too. So, maybe just a year to be just impressed; if I have the right vision of who I’m becoming! Sex goddess, turned on all the time, any position, anytime, anywhere,.