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Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

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Daily sex, day # 94

Well, we always get our sex in. Some days are just hilarious adventures of where, when and how.

So, we came home in the afternoon. We had driven the kids around so that they would sleep while we have sex. Came home. Carried them up 3 sets of stairs, in the house set them down in bed. The youngest continued to sleep. The eldest became awake while being set down. He screamed and ran out the door.

Evening comes. Children sleeping. We begin qoitus. ( british accent and pinky out as she sips her cup of tea)

Oop got to go to the bathroom. Finish. Make my way to the bed. BRRIING, BRRIING, BRIING BEOOO, BEOOO!!!!
Can you guess? THE FIREALARM!
(Raised eyebrow) We have to dress both kids. Carry them downstairs and wait until the all clear. Back upstairs.

10:20pm. We begin again. I struggled today but felt more pleasure than any other day before my kegel finding.






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Daily sex, day # 93. Heyyy sexy lady!

I was ferocious! Shock waves of excitement. Butterflies. ORGASMIC!!!!

Today was another pivotal breakthrough! Everything that I wrote down about how I envisioned myself during sex came to my mind and was acted out. I was excitedly on top. I DID MY KEGELS during sex. At Different frequencies. This is what is eventually going to get me results every time during sex until the point that just thinking about his penis entering me is going to give me a sex episode all by itself!

Today, (striving to find words!) my body moved like a wave upon the sand. Rhythmic, open, receiving, charged , power. I felt his penis and my vagina were one entity! I swayed back and forth across his body. I wanted to suck his tongue. Argggggg, I just wanted to BITE HIM!

I felt free.

I have become more flexible. Things are getting better day by day. I just wanted his penis to glide and slip. Tingle, shocks and releasing of Womanly lubricant! It’s so beautiful.

I know I’m only getting a taste! We are climbing a hill and about to peak. Delicious.

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Daily sex, day # 91

It’s begun! I’am beginning to feel more light. Today was very very exciting! I’m starting to get the rewards of my consistency and efforts. I just realized also, that in order to gain anything in sex (just like everything else) I have to work for it. I can’t just expect that my husband sticks in his penis, rubs then POOF. Sexual fulfillment aka peace! I do look forward to feeling pleasure as soon as he enters. And being able to have sex for 5 hours at a time. I want that!

What happened today was I finally worked for my pleasure. I did my kegels during sex. Flex 3 secs. Rest 3 secs. Throughout the sex. It definitely forces me to focus more. Today sex was gratifying or satisfying more than usual. I felt pleasure in my perineum, in the lips closest to the perineum. It tingled. My muscles tightened. I felt enough pleasure to make noise. I sweated. All this without a single touch to my clitoris.

We had to stop. My muscle’s stopped responding since they got worked to their max. But, you know what. Just like body builders they progressively get stronger after every consistent day at the gym. I won’t be bulky but I will be strong and have control over my vaginal and surrounding muscles. I am starting to believe that the vagina should be as tight as the rectal (anal) muscles.

My husband I are one in purpose. I look forward when we are one in our energy/spirits. I do believe that the only way to be blessedly unified and as one is through the most divine and bonding act of sex. That is the reason for getting married. To establish order and to have sex. To fulfill the measure of our creation through children. But, what’s the good of having a family if I, as their parent do not have the deepest part of our relationship in a progressive direction. It either grows or it dies. The number one cause of divorce emotional or legal (paper/physical) is sex. My sights are set on eternal love. aka long lasting love. I want my children to feel the peace we have because of our unity.3530415814_ff2e51d3a7


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Daily sex, # 90

How funny. In everything that we are told “You have to practice if you want to get awesome at it” it applies to everything! Singers, orchestra’s have accumulated HOURS of practice. I find it hilarious that I realize
that now. This will be the first thing I teach my kids!

Anyway, today was great because we did a new position. I can actually hold this position for a long time. Which produces feelings of security and confidence. It was more enjoyable. I look forward to my vaginal muscles become tight. (Toit toit like a tiger)