House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.


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I HAD TO WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT TODAY!  Today was awesome!  First off we had the funnest oraling session ever. It was just silly and fun with a lot of penis (not ejaculation)placement in my eyes, ears and all over my face. Included with some penis wacking in my face SUPER FUNNY SOUND!  2 we had awesome fun making noises. because i have issues about the kids waking up and neighbors hearing us. So, this was a good way to break that by being silly and making whatever noises that came to my mind. Chicken, Dog , Cow, etc.  3. The best part we confirmed a realization that very short thrusting about the length of 1 inch back and forth is the ultimate turn on for me. All my genitalia was being gratified. Plus when we had to finish. we cuddled. Then i came here to write.  I felt my vagina and usually not much is down there so sometimes i like to feel my wetness and just play with the small amount that i get after sex.   Let’s just say that there was a massive puddle in my vagina it was like i had put my hand in a bowl of slime… i was blessedly wet!!! There was TONS. I was wet wet wet wet ooozing wet!!! and i feeeeeell  greeeeeeeeeeat!!!! it was the most satisfying sex ever!!!!! ahhhh! The best part all, It only took  600 thrusts to achieve these results!. i was on top this time and i was doing most of the thrusting. No ejaculation. No emmission. Just pleasure! 1 hour and a half  of pleasure… My husband lasted!!!!!!!

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