House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Pressed for time = Underdelivered

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Time-Management-PMBOK3-600x320                                                    Day # 44 of sex

Yesterday, we were pressed for time. We had come home  from a business meeting to find our son still awake with the babysitter. My fault. He took a nap during the day and me too which i needed very much. Today that will not happen! We had about an hour to do everything. I felt rushed.   When time is a pressure during sex this is what happens to me……. Unfocused, unmotivated and lacking desire. I also need cuddling time. Sex is not a transaction!

What I prefer, at least 2 hours leeway. Time to Oral as much as I feel is necessary, breathing with my husband to connect and taking a very small amount of time edging in the penis. I dislike shoving in the penis in the beginning. For now…. I’m sure when i have cured myself from clitorally oriented orgasm and overcome my shame of enjoying sexual thoughts. I think that I can turn myself on quickly! There are woman out there who can get orgasms just by thinking about it. This is my goal. I love to enjoy that control.  I think above all desires on this earth is the ability of self control. If I don’t feel i have control of myself and the way I feel. I start trying to control the people and objects around me. It’s going to take time and understanding myself.   I noticed that my boobs have gotten bigger since I started oraling. my husband loves it.  All this is positive because i’m learning what i do and do not like


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