House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Everyday I fall in love

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This is for you Mr. Darlings. Who I love being naked with at home. Cook your meals when I do cook. Take care of our children.

You are always so very loving, forgiving, patient, positive and calm.

I look forward to when I completely receive and surrender to your pleasure!

How exciting. ;-D


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Daily sex, Day #63

3386353819_2caf425ac0_z (1)It was quite a little bit of challenge to get into it. It was just pleasant sex. Much to want for. Haha. I’ve accepted for now that life; the things that happen to me; are up and down. It can’t be “fireworks” everyday. Again, the one thing that can be consistent is showing up and expecting that i will arrive at where i want to be, despite how things look. I just need to keep practicing my breathing and being alive during sex. I’m still working on breaking my cage of “the neighbors will hear” or ” the children will wake”. Soon my actions will say “I DON’T CARE” because true and real and truthful happiness is more important than what people think!


Plus other people need to get uncomfortable because comfort never means that we are growing it means that we standing still! People need to hear that a good sex life is real and it is possible. If people hear them…good! Then it will spread! Because some people are losing hope! Sex is the most intimate and the most bonding act between two people…no one can live the highest standard of happiness without a gratifying sex life… when people lose hope in this then whats the point of relationships, marriage, unity , commitment if you can’t go deep. people will think that the only way forward everything opposite to this which is also opposite to growth, and people who don’t grow ARE NOT happy … I do believe people grow and go through TEMPORARY periods where commitment will become more treasured when they are fed up of the lack of it in their life. I could be wrong. But, this is what happened to me.

I’ve seen too much misery and heartache that comes from un-commitment and an un-willingness to change and improve. But, I do believe that these originated from problems in the bedroom. Or from past trauma which brought excess baggage to the bedroom. Where something interferes with the deepest bonding of human affection. All things can be healed. I love loyalty, commitment, solutions and persistence!

Shine YOUR way through your personal darkness. Anything is possible!

set yourself free

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Daily sex Day number 62

solutions-header My husband and I had to really think of solutions of how to get our sex in. Holy Moly! He needed to go out exercise, build his business and go to his regular work which was night shift. I do not like to get up early at the moment with breastfeeding and all. Our only opportunity was around noon time while both kids slept. He had to go exercise while I put the kids to nap. 10 O’clock he left. Between this time and 2:30 we had to have sex. The gym usually takes about an hour. And usually it’s not difficult to get the 2 year to take a nap. 10:45 I put the 1 year old to nap. Then 11 o;clock rolls around, I got the 2 year to relax in our bed while i breastfed him. He occasionally falls asleep with the boob during this time. Or he watches some children things on you tube. 11:30 he is still awake. My husband can’t come in the house or the 2 year will get very excited. Also at this time the 1 year old was startled by sounds, wakes up and cries. ah!! I had to just leave her she’ll go back to sleep. Took her about 10-15 mins. She usually sleeps 3 hours or less. 2 year old still awake at 12. husband comes in from outside has to wait in the corridors of the apartment building. What to do. We were so close to wondering if it was going to happen. we held out 12:15-ish, 2 year asleep or wait until 11:30 @

It was really pleasurable sex. This time very distinct electric sparks. Especially on the bottom part of the vagina. The Perineum tissue. And when the penis almost touches the cervix. Everything was charged. ooooo it was getting really hot and wet! It was definitely getting somewhere. Classically or cliche-ically the 1 year old woke up right when it was starting to lead somewhere.

The short thrusts and the quick breathing really works though. Sex is starting to be a expected thing. Transition phase will be over by the 3rd month. I feel excitement in my heart. And it just keeps getting more positive. And making my husband a champion bread winner.


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Daily sex, day number 61

Okay, so I’ll just state the two things that became apparent. Especially after help from the hubby! My husband helped me to remember that there are two types of breathing for sex.

To make my pleasure build i do quick short breathing enough to retain oxygen…haha. What happened when I did this my vaginal muscles started to tighten and I was actually starting to feel pleasure quite quickly. Like within 5 to 10 mins.

When I want to move the energy from the concentrated point of the genitals. I do the long breathes. So, really if a person is close to orgasm then they long breathe which disperses the energy through the body. A person can stay in the pleasure area of sex without going over. Meaning if they wanted to having sex for six hours it deliciously possible! I GUESS they just alternate between the two breathing. We shall see! It was short sex but it was long enough to have some fun learning!

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Daily Sex, Day # 60 Uh……

YawningYesterday was just funny. Both of us were really, really just wanting to sleep. We would have made it and enjoyed it more fully if……….. Let’s just say both him and I know what we will do better next time…… It’s only about showing up that counts. Attitude, technique, Everything will come with the consistency. So, there is no reason that anyone in the world should correct anyone while in the pursuit of something. In my opinion right now (which can always be improved) Is that the Only reason a person should be corrected is if they are not showing up to make things happen In whatever subject. Or to improve. In the end it’s still their choice. (This applies to my actions towards others too). So, 30 mins of laughing,wondering if we should continue…….Tomorrow brings new opportunities.

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You know what’s funny?

Daily sex number 59!

It was pleasurable sex yesterday! It was 1:45 of just enjoyment and pleasure. I’m grateful that I DIDN’T get an orgasm on day 59. Being sexually fulfilled or being fulfilled at all means keeping your energy and then multiplying it!

Of course you have to make mistakes in order to learn what not to do and then finding out at the same time what To do. Please be in mind that I’m grateful for the things I receive! However, for myself I don’t like to camp out on the small successes! I am an achiever I enjoy the moment as need be and I let the moment pass.

The orgasm yesterday

Any orgasm energy that is not retained in the body flows out of the body. Therefore the day I orgasmed I spent energy building up and doubling my energy (1 hour 30 mins) only to let it flow out because I’m a beginner. And mistakes/failure are directly connected to success! But, it is painful to have depleted energy while breast feeding 2 toddlers. And everything else that comes with being a stay at home mom! However, I would never trade my position. Because those children mean more to me than anything! And its’s the best self development course that i will ever have in eternity! However, Every position has its own unique and special challenges no matter where or what you are doing.

Moving on, let’s just say that even though i had mind blowing orgasm. At least mind blowing compared to what I’m use to. (Mind, that it wasn’t world altering.) it did not fulfill me. I do not like losing my energy. Meaning that my behavior the days after ratted me out. You know I use to have strive and force orgasm. Yes it was hard for me! But, now I avoid them at all intentional costs. If they happen by accident so be it for the sake of progression. But, seeking out for it. It’s like going through hell for a piece of chocolate. What’s the point?

The reason I say all this is that I knew it was going to happen. (Losing my energy) at the same time as I hoped it wouldn’t but either way I’m grateful because the man did it with his penis. And if he can take me here then he can take me there! and that is what matters the most! I love you!