House-Wife Sexuality

Real Masculinity inspires a woman's worship – without using force, violence and ignoring emotional needs.

Tony Robbins vs Men of High Value


One thing

Dear WordPress

I have one wish and that is for men to stop blaming, punishing and torturing women. Through their secret thoughts (that we women secretly feel) but through their physical actions. To educate men’s ignorance on why women go crazy, act out, retreat inside, malfunction or look and feel broken. To stop shrugging their shoulders as a victim or innocent bystander. To stop men from taking their frustrations out on the world through acts of terrorism and “purification”. It’s time for EVERYONE to  “UNDERSTAND WOMEN”. 

To make this become reality GO and BUY or 1st re-revised book or donate on our website  Help support a good cause with meaningful and innocent intentions. To further research and to take what we do know to research laboratories for physical proof.

To show how the emotional world of women effect the physical world we know to today. And How longterm emotional disease’s become physical disease’s.

This book is just the beginning. 




Remember women it’s not your fault and we’re getting to that.

Be true to yourself

Being true to who you are.

Yes being true to who you are in the worlds mind means gratifying feelings, ideas, and beliefs.

That is being true to who you are.

But being true to who you are means that you are happy.

If you are emotionally unstable, that is the opposite of happiness. It means you are NOT being true to who you are.

1) If you have to force your body to feel “normal/happy/relaxed/at peace” and stable through outside narcotics drugs alcohol you are not fulfilling your emotional requirements of what it means to be you.

2) If you have to feel happy through indulgence in any negative behavior verbal or physical to appease the obsessive hunger that your lack of fulfilled feelings are starving for, means you are not being true to who you are.

Yes you are appeasing your feelings and being true to THEM.  At the expense of your own happiness health or someone elses. Physically, emotionally or mentally.

true identity is when everyone around you benefits emotionally and physically AND mentally by your presence. They are able to be who they are around you free of criticism (within positive reason) You are able to believe what you believe and they are able to do the same. You are able to receive there beliefs with curiosity and not defensively.  True identity keeps the things around them intact and happy. If the bodies and feelings of those around you deteriorate by being true to who you are; you are NOT being true. True identity is NOT at the expense of others.

just to make myself clear for good.

Stealing, self harm,  killing, enslaving, fighting, judgement controlling what people say and do, hate, looking at people’s flaws, jealousy, ignoring people, impatience, not listening to people’s request of things they need, wanting other people’s stuff.

these are real feelings but they are not true identity feelings.

so we’ve established that

true identity does not come from material things (material things are important but not IT), negative behavior, at the expense of others does not come from liquids or herbs, does not come from drugs. Some of these things give you a temporary glimpse of true identity and the feelings that accompany true identity. Those are what people are looking for.

True identity is accompanied by content, clarity, speed, compassion, understanding, loyalty, giving, but also logic, reason, and It is self aware. True identity understand why it feels the way it feels and what causes certain feelings and where to find them healthfully. And above all it does not feel lonely or left out. It feels like it belongs, it is real. True identity is purpose, Reason and value to exist and protect existence.

Where to find true identity

True identity comes through fulfilling emotional needs that you get from femininity and masculinity. Femininity and masculinity are a set of behavior , lifestyle and philosophies. And when these philosophies reside in the correct gender and the genders are in correct quantity. The ultimate feelings that we are deeply engrained TO FEEL exist there. WE ALL KNOW we should feel them. But we don’t. But we can in THIS EXISTENCE and present day modern life. The quantity is: 1 masculine male, 3 feminine females. Intimacy, compassion, understanding, arts, exploration, fun! and loyalty. Loyalty to your choice of family is the only way without addictions, drugs, medication, violence, war, hate, jealousy. If this is the outcome you want in your life then this is the ONLY way without all the negatives I mentioned above.

Emotional fulfillment physical freedom, freedom of speech is possible in this family lifestyle when all are correctly educated about the philosophies, behaviors and lifestyle of masculinity and femininity. Education and freedom of choice is crucial. Understanding is crucial.

  1. True identity understands negativity and where it comes from. Negativity also= darkness. And true identity sees the darkness and is able to shed light on it; Without being consumed by it.



We don’t have control

First off, I keep changing my mind about housewifesexuality. So it’s gonna stay. Onto my post.

The problem with society today is that we believe people have the capacity to control themselves. We blame them when they malfunction and say it’s because you don’t have control yourself!

So… CONTROL YOURSELF. Oh if it were so simple don’t you think people would, people would be happier if they could choose to be happy.



There’s this huge campaign going on. Saying “BE THE GENERATION TO STOMP OUT BULLYING FOR GOOD.”

Uh… ok children that means that you should suck it up and control yourself. Control yourself When people dont listen to you when don’t feel good or need help cause you came into this world knowing absolutely nothing. You don’t get hugs and cuddles, quality attention or conversation, people don’t have have patience for you to learn, your parents ignore you/call you names, blame you for not being grown up (when that is a process that takes 18 years minimum), think boo hoo your such a baby caused you need to be nurtured, don’t feed you every three hours, unhealthy diet, don’t give you praise, don’t take interest in your interests, sleeping problems cause of all this, and on top of what you don’t get,  you have take responsibility for pleasing 8 different teachers at school, fitting in and fighting to feel special in a school of 1,000+ people , and you need to keep clean, do your homework, chores, never complain and always be grateful SO ON AND SO ON.

You think that just cause they’re older they’ll be wiser.
What’s raised broken stays broken until fulfilled. What’s raised in lack stays in lack until fulfilled.

No one can controls themselves when emotional lack is involved. Adults are merely children who’s bodies are worn and torn from lack.

Again, Everyone has emotional needs. When they are not fulfilled we don’t have control over ourselves.

So, here comes addictions, medications, behavioral issues, and coping methods

Look at celebrities, a world full of emotional lack, judgement, ridicule and pressure. Struggling to find a box they fit in and or issues from fitting into the box of 7 billion people’s expectations.

Cutting off hair, drug issues, medications, sexual issues, tattoos, drama like taylor swift and katy perry.


Emotional lack and weight equals madness.
When the nurturures are happy the next generation is stronger than the last. Nurturers are not being nurtured themselves and cannot bear the weight of nurturing alone.

I vote for 3 girls in love. For men to understand the emotional needs of women. That women’s happiness and what that actually means, is prioritized.
 The answer isn’t the man being everything: A man and a woman and fulfilling the list of the emotional needs that fall under what a woman receives from a understanding masculine man and what she receives from a feminine woman.

The answer isn’t force either.

3 girls in love.